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July 18, 2019

Edgeless — the Ethereum based crypto gambling platform offers a chance to share 40% reward from Edgeless surplus through the EDG staking among participants. Starting from December 2018 to June 2019 there has been 7 staking rounds completed with about 1350 participants and over 1.5 million EDG in casino bankroll surplus. Stakers received a total of about 600 000 EDG out of this amount. […]

0% feed with EDG

Edgeless — the Ethereum based crypto gambling platform offers a chance to share 40% reward from Edgeless surplus through the EDG staking among participants. Starting from December 2018 to June 2019 there has been 7 staking rounds completed with about 1350 participants and over 1.5 million EDG in casino bankroll surplus. Stakers received a total of about 600 000 EDG out of this amount.

Edgeless has one of the most profitable staking algorithms on the market with the highest annual ROI close to 18% in comparison with AION (2.50%), Tezos (7.11%) and other projects.

0% fee with EDG
Get 0% commission for EDG exchange and start staking!

What is Edgeless?

Edgeless is a next-generation online crypto casino focused on transparency. It is based on Ethereum’s smart contracts which guarantee 100% openness and anonymity. Furthermore, it supports instant withdrawal and deposit of funds without any hold, unlike regular casinos.

Edgeless is legally registered and duly follows all the rules and regulation of online gambling. It serves as one of the few crypto-related projects with its own token (EGD). Users can conveniently exchange their tokens for entertainment on the platform. Currently Edgeless provide fully unique fun betting games such as blackjack and baccarat.

Edgeless platform
Edgeless platform

Staking vs. Mining

In the crypto world, staking includes the process of obtaining tokens by utilizing the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. In simple terms, staking is technically sending tokens to a bankroll smart contract. Edgeless uses bankroll staking to ensure the system is decentralized and transparent.

Crypto staking is different from mining which utilizes Proof of Work (PoW). Staking relies on users who already hold coins for verifications inside blockchain by proving ownership at a reward. Mining, on the other hand, requires solving complex mathematical puzzles, and therefore — it is resource-intensive.

Staking in recent times has become a very popular method of harvesting crypto coins. Unlike mining — which requires purchasing expensive equipment, staking needs relatively fewer resources to start. There are several projects, that are also running staking process similar to Edgeless: for example Tezos, Aion, Dash, NEO, Reddcoin, Bean cash, OKCash, etc.

In general, the annual reward ranges between 2% -18%, and payment period varies according to each token. Funds are usually locked from few days to several months during the staking period.

Users could participate in staking through their individual wallets or by joining staking pools and are supposed to hold their staking balances either in their wallets or on the staking platform over the defined period. Stakers get rewarded for every staking round they take part in. Crypto staking is very beneficial, as income is predictable and guaranteed.

Edgeless staking terms and reward

To take part in Edgeless staking, investors are asked to register on Edgeless staking platform and pass a quick KYC procedure. Once the account is verified, you can deposit EDG. You will be asked to stake and your staked amount will be sent to Edgeless bankroll and locked for the period. Once it is completed, all the participants receive a predetermined percentage of the bankroll surplus.

Users can collect their deposits and revenue only after the end of a skating round. In another case, funds will be automatically staked for the next round.

Edgeless staking interface
Go to Edgeless staking platform to start

Edgeless staking terms:

  • The minimum staking deposit starts from 1000 EDG and the maximum is 50,000 EDG;
  • Stakers’ reward 40% from the bankroll surplus distributed among stakers;
  • There is no fee applied for moving EDG to and from your staking account;
  • Stakers join Staking Loyalty Program, and have a chance to get VIP, Gold or Silver status and additional benefit;
  • Stakers get a part of the reward proportional to their initial amount of EDG tokens.

How to start EDG staking with ChangeHero?

To get sufficient EDG amount for staking fast and easy — visit ChangeHero exchange platform. You can buy EDG with VISA and MasterCard and exchange it with 140+ crypto within 5–15 minutes. ChangeHero offers one of the best rate on the market and 0% fee on EDG exchange for stakers!

Buying and exchanging EDG on ChangeHero takes 5 simple steps. Go to ChangeHero platform and choose the currency to buy/exchange EDG with. The amount of assets is calculated according to the best rate among 5+ exchanges.

Provide your EDG wallet address from Edgeless Staking platform, check all the data and confirm the transaction. Send your funds to ChangeHero address and wait for 5–15 min for exchange. Your EDG will be instantly delivered to your staking account, so you can start earning revenue from the next cycle.

ChangeHero exchange interface
Get EDG at ChangeHero with 0% fee

Among other staking algorithms, Edgeless offers the highest reward — up to 40%. Investors promptly receive rewards at the end of every staking cycle. Users have the option to withdraw or reinvest their EDG earnings. Furthermore, Edgeless Staking Loyalty Program launch gave Stakers more ways to increase their earnings. The platform is transparent, anonymous and secured.

ChangeHero is currently one of the best places to conveniently trade your earned EDG. It offers a fast and reliable way to exchange EDG with over 140+ coins, so your revenue from staking could be fixed in any currency of your choice.

It is about time to jump into EDG staking, as the platform already tested by multiple users and at the same time, the reward is still high. Seize your chance to earn an amazing reward with Edgeless! We publish interesting content on our blog. Follow us on TwitterFacebookReddit, Telegram and Medium and be up to date.

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