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September 11, 2020

ChangeHero weekly crypto digest is here! We had a lot of news this week, so we made sure to round up the most interesting events and give a top coin digest for price change. ChangeHero Updates Interview with Mark Højgaard, CEO of Coinify This week we published our interview with the CEO of Coinify, which […]

Crypto Digest by ChangeHero

ChangeHero weekly crypto digest is here! We had a lot of news this week, so we made sure to round up the most interesting events and give a top coin digest for price change.

ChangeHero Updates

Interview with Mark Højgaard, CEO of Coinify

ChangeHero Interview with Mark Højgaard, CEO of Coinify

This week we published our interview with the CEO of Coinify, which is an established partner of ours. We asked Mark Højgaard about the work of his company in these tough times, their approach to working within regulation and digital currency adoption. Highly recommend checking it out!

QTUM Support Enabled


This week we successfully added QTUM to the Supported coins! QTUM coin is a hybrid between Proof-of-Stake coins with virtual machine support and Bitcoin’s UTXO model. Now QTUM can be swapped with any asset supported by ChangeHero!

Please look forward to us further expanding on the list soon! And now, we will be passing over to the crypto digest of the news for this week.

Latest Crypto News Highlights

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin hash rate chart
  • Bitcoin’s hashrate is at an ATH yet again;
  • A critical bug that could lead to massive losses of funds, forking and network lag was found…and fixed in summer of 2018. This story told to CoinDesk by Braydon Fuller and Javed Khan became a hot topic of discussion because it suggests that Bitcoin code can be amended discreetly;
  • Another ATH that Bitcoin scored this week is correlation with gold price. Along with gold correlation, a similar pattern was observed in S&P 500. Analysts suggest that the reason might be an increase of trust from investors and hedging from speculative investments.

Altcoin News

  • Chainlink was attacked but brushed it off. Its price did not suffer significantly, and the developers proclaimed the attack to be unsuccessful;
  • Bitcoin Cash split confirmed. This time, tensions flare over the project funding. The developers that want to split off the main chain would like to introduce the rule, according to which, 8% of all miners rewards will be directed to the fund, which will pay for the work of developers.

Blockchain & Tech News

  • First smart contract was built on Bitcoin. Curiously enough, the creators made it to bet on the outcome of the US presidential elections later this;
  • Monero introduced new hashing algorithm after CipherTrace managed to crack the obfuscation in the previous one;

News on Crypto Adoption

  • Chainalysis posted a full report recap on the use of cryptocurrencies by country. The leaders are, in descending order, Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela. They are followed by China, Kenya and the USA;
  • French branch of JustEat enabled support of Bitcoin for takeouts from more than 15,000 restaurants;
  • MasterCard launched a sandbox for central banks to test national digital currencies.

News on Crypto Regulation

  • Swiss Senate passed the law that would start the development of an updated regulatory framework for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It is to become effective come 2021.

DeFi News

  • Last weekend, after long periods of instability and downtimes, Chinese crypto community decided to boycott centralized exchanges and started withdrawing ETH from them en masse. In response, these exchanges had to switch withdrawals off for the time being. To keep users from leaving to DEXs, exchanges race to list the DeFi tokens as well;
UniSwap liquidity chart
Source: Twitter
  • Uniswap lost 70% of its liquidity after Sushiswap migration. A few days before, the holders of SUSHI tokens were threatening to sue Chef Nomi, pseudonymous creator of the protocol, after he sold his share of tokens and caused a dump in price.

Let’s see now what was being discussed on Twitter in the next section of our crypto digest.

Crypto News from Twitter

Here’s the source for the news about the first Bitcoin smart contract that we talked about in the previous section of crypto digest. Nicolas Dorier and Chris Stewart explain the DLC (Discreet Log Contract) contract on Bitcoin. It might be a work in progress, but signifies great progress in Bitcoin code nonetheless.

Not the best week for DeFi coins, says the data provided by Messari. In their DeFi coin digest, they show how many coins lost 40% to 50% of their price within a week. This is a result of unnatural hype-fueled growth most of them were experiencing before. Of course, such movements, while harsh, do not necessarily spell doom for legitimate projects — just look at any coin that managed to stay afloat in the crypto winter.

The Chinese “Proof of Keys”-like movement previously mentioned in this crypto digest was first brought to light in the West by Colin Wu, reporter. In this thread, he cites data and sheds more light on the situation.

Crypto Twitter was also discussing the unfulfilled prediction of a Bitcoin critic, Peter Schiff. This is in reference to his tweet from July, when he expected Bitcoin to collapse below $9,000 by September. 

Hackers tweet on BCH through Tim Draper's account
Source: Twitter

A now-deleted tweet by Tim Draper also made some noise in Crypto Twitter. Draper is open to Bitcoin, but that’s the first time he endorsed Bitcoin Cash — and that raised some red flags. Roger Ver, though, seemed to take this statement at the face value. Later the tweet was deleted and it was confirmed that the account of Draper was compromised.

Top Coin Digest: Price Change

At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the market’s dynamics for the last week are the following:

  • Total Market Cap: $339 666 858 498 (-1.67%); 
  • BTC Dominance: 56.8% (was 56.7%).

ChangeHero Top-10 Coin Digest: 7d Change

Our top-10 includes cryptocurrencies that can be traded on ChangeHero. You can buy and sell some of them with your credit card, too. At the moment of writing this crypto digest, the 7-day change of the top currencies is the following:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

Binance Coin seems to be gaining traction, as the parent company announced a bridge between DeFi and CeFi. At the time of writing this crypto digest, the top three are:

  • Binance Coin (BNB) $23.69 (↑11.45%);
  • 0x (ZRX) $0.508800 (↑8.07%);
  • Algorand (ETH) $0.402783 (↑6.71%).

Crypto Digest Round-up

This is it for this week’s crypto digest. If you find these useful or think we skipped some important crypto news, make sure to leave your feedback if you want to help us make these articles better for you! You can do it in the comments of our blog or in our social media: on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Telegram.

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Author: changehero
September 1, 2020

In August, the markets were less hectic and we saw the first dips. The most impactful cryptocurrency news, events and changes? ChangeHero’s updates for the past month? A coin digest for most of the top currencies? Find all this in this August digest by the ChangeHero team! ChangeHero August updates SwapSpace Finally, we joined the […]

August Coin Digest by ChangeHero

In August, the markets were less hectic and we saw the first dips. The most impactful cryptocurrency news, events and changes? ChangeHero’s updates for the past month? A coin digest for most of the top currencies? Find all this in this August digest by the ChangeHero team!

ChangeHero August updates


ChangeHero Partners with SwapSpace
ChangeHero and SwapSpace Partnership

Finally, we joined the list of partners of SwapSpace, an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. Now on their site users can choose rates from a variety of partners, including ChangeHero, compare them and perform swaps seamlessly, saving their time.
Together with them, we launched and concluded a giveaway on Twitter for the communities of both teams.


We got the chance to interview David Tsai, the Executive Vice President of Sales of our other recently announced partner, CoolBitX. We highly recommend checking it out for the insights about CoolWallet S, ChangeHero integration in it and an inside view from the blockchain industry.


In July, we finally announced our partnership with Coinify! Users can now buy crypto with Europe’s leading fiat-to-crypto provider integrated to our website.
And now, let’s see what cryptocurrency news made the most impact in August in the next section. Find Bitcoin digest and top coin digest further in the article!

Cryptocurrency News in August

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin digest for August can be summed up by saying that despite the dips and spikes in price, for the past month it has been slowly climbing up. We covered the price change in one of the following sections, make sure to check it out!

  • Bitcoin’s market capitalization exceeded Intel and Coca-Cola stocks at the beginning of August. Later, in mid-August, it exceeded Bank of America (BoA) and NZ Dollar (NZD) (At the moment of writing our Bitcoin digest, both BoA and NZD are back in their positions in respective ratings).
  • A few entities ran ads in prominent financial newspapers suggesting to invest in Bitcoin. Galaxy Digital Investments did it in The Financial Times, while Apple Daily, Hong-Kong newspaper, did so of their own accord in protest of the mainland regime. Bitcoin was also advertised in India’s The Economic Times, as reports.
Growth of "whale" addresses and the price of BTC.
Source: Glassnode, CoinDesk
  • Bitcoin’s rich list (the amount of addresses with at least 1,000 BTC) is at its highest. Experts connect this to the increase of interest from institutional investors.

Policy News

About a week ago, Jerome Powell announced a new monetary policy for the US regarding inflation. The US will be willing to increase their 2% goal in the light of the damages dealt by the pandemic to the States’ economy. Due to a high degree of penetration of USD in the global economy, this might have an impact on it as well. This factor might also have been driving investors seeking hedge against inflation to Bitcoin, as its supply is hard-coded to be 21 million.
But enough about Bitcoin, as there us even more news for an altcoin-focused coin digest!

Tech News

Median transaction fee in Ethereum for the past 3 months.

The whole month we were closely following the development of Ethereum 2.0 testnet Medalla. The news associated with it were both positive and negative. Since this is an Ethereum coin digest, suffice to say in the end, it seems that everything is proceeding according to plan. The first implementations of the rehauled Ethereum network will be released this year. This is extremely timely, since Ethereum network is seeing extreme load again, and the network fees keep going higher.

DeFi News

And speaking of Ethereum fees, the main, though not the only, culprit is the DeFi. In August, the interest in DEX trading and yield farming scored unprecedented records. The buzz spread so far and involved so many quick-buck seekers that the number of voices calling out for regulation is increasing. The situation is reminiscent of the 2017 ICO craze, and if things continue to develop in the same vein, regulators will not take too long to crack down on this market. That is, once they figure out how to do it in the first place.

Crypto Twitter in August

IMF on Crypto

The International Monetary Fund posted an educational video in their Twitter account, which went viral. In 2 minutes, they explained the main advantages of cryptocurrency and gave insight into what risks should be solved before they see truly global scale of adoption. However, this video was criticized for not even mentioning Bitcoin and bringing up an old argument of sceptics that anonymity makes it attractive to “bad guys”. Nevertheless, even the IMF acknowledged the role cryptocurrencies can play in transforming the global economy.

Dave Portnoy’s Friends to Lovers to Rivals Journey in Crypto

Fintwit celeb Davey Day Trader AKA Dave Portnoy has been the fascination of the month on Crypto Twitter. First, he held an open mind to the topic and invited Winklevoss twins to gain more knowledge. A few days later, he started shilling low-cap coins and proclaimed himself the King of Bitcoin. However, his reign did not last long, for Portnoy exited the game as soon as it cost him money. Anyway, it looks like he swore to eventually make a comeback.

Rise of the Memers

Speaking of Portnoy, user @Cryptanzee made a couple of videos on his journey, going viral in the process. This is coinciding with DeFi having a weird moment when meme tokens and protocols break all kinds of records: YAM, Spaghetti Money, Based, SushiSwap — you name it. A meme coin digest would be really welcome in this landscape! Memeability became an earnest metric in a chance of a project’s success, and many of developers are none too shy to use it to their advantage.

Top Coin Digest: August Price Change

Now that we have covered the news, it is the part of our digest in which we make a lightning round-style top coin digest. In this list we included top-10 by market cap currencies that can be exchanged, bought and sold on ChangeHero.
Here is what the difference between the opening price of each currency and the closing price looked like in August:

ChangeHero Gainers of August: 

ChangeHero August Stats

We’re excited to sum up and share our successes with you in a form of statistics.

Min/Max Fee

The Best Rate exchanges were maintained at 0.5% service fee, as always. The risk fees in Fixed rate transactions varied from 0.3% to 1.2%.

Top five pairs of August

  1. BTC–ETH — 1277 exchanges;
  2. BTC–USDT(ERC-20) — 513 exchanges;
  3. ETH–BTC — 393 exchanges;
  4. BSV–BTC — 241 exchanges;
  5. LINK–BTC — 168 exchanges.

New reviews and ratings

BestChange: 17 reviews, 16 positive and 1 neutral;
TrustPilot: Excellent (4.8), 13 reviews (all 5 stars!)

Swap time facts

The quickest exchange took only 33s to be processed (BSV_XRP);
Out of 11,052 successfully finished transactions in August, 7.37% (814) of them were processed in less than a minute and 33.3% (3,680) — in 5 minutes or less.

Growth of our reserves

In comparison with July, in August we have slightly reduced the reserve to $10,443,617. Regardless, this is ample supply to be sure that all exchanges go smoothly.

Average response time of support

August was busier than previous months because of the growing activity on the markets. Still, the average response time reported by the support team comes up to 16 minutes on email and a minute in chat.

New website users

In August, our unique pageviews and users on average were increasing by ~10% each week. In total, when compared to the end of July, both metrics increased by 10%.

What are our plans for September?

ChangeHero team keeps working on improving the user experience and security of the service on the back end. We are also working on a new coin integration at the moment of writing, and getting ready for another yet unannounced partnership.
For all three campaigns mentioned in the first section, we still got some more activities on social media coming in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for the news!
We’ll see what we achieve in the next news and top coin digest!


Hope you enjoyed this news and top coin digest for August. In the coming weeks and months, there surely will be more news to include in our Bitcoin digest, as the market is readying to move.
Keep swapping with ChangeHero and follow our updates and cryptocurrency news reported on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and in Telegram.

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Author: changehero
August 21, 2020

In terms of cryptocurrency news and social media buzz, this week was rather intense. Bitcoin is slowing down but not yet giving up its dominance, altcoin season almost on the horizon. Yield farming hype is overcoming any conceivable limits. All this is recapped in this crypto digest by ChangeHero team, in which we also update […]

Weekly Crypto Digest

In terms of cryptocurrency news and social media buzz, this week was rather intense. Bitcoin is slowing down but not yet giving up its dominance, altcoin season almost on the horizon. Yield farming hype is overcoming any conceivable limits. All this is recapped in this crypto digest by ChangeHero team, in which we also update you on our progress and round up the latest crypto news.

Updates from ChangeHero

SwapSpace Announcement

ChangeHero Partners with SwapSpace

This week started with the announcement of new collaboration. ChangeHero is now supported at the instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator SwapSpace. Make sure to tune in to our Twitter next week, because we have some exciting activities cooking up!

Interview with David Tsai, ESVP of CoolBitX

We also got a very insightful interview with our partner’s, CoolBitX Executive Vice-President of Sales, David Tsai. Check it out for a first-hand CoolWallet S overview and tidbits of David’s crypto experience.

Latest Crypto News Highlights

And now, from our news and updates to the crypto digest part of this weekly recap.

First Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin digest

Tesla stocks and Bitcoin indices.
Source: TradingView

TradingView reported that the interest of American investors to Bitcoin is second only to the Tesla stocks. Perhaps, if not for the split in $TSLA, Bitcoin could have snatched the crown of the most looked up asset in the US.

Tech Cryptocurrency News

USDN Announcement.
Source: Neutrino Protocol

Waves launched USDN on Ethereum. USDN is the first stablecoin of its kind – it is pegged to the US dollar but also yields passive income. The cooperation of these two chains will also provide a bridge between them.

Poly Network, a compatibility protocol alliance, launched on 18th. It already supports ETH, Neo, Ontology and Cosmos-SDK, and in the nearest future Bitcoin support is planned.

USDT is moving to OMG Network, a complementary Ethereum chain. It’s expected that from now on the fees will be lower and throughput will increase significantly.

Cryptocurrency news on Regulation

Hawaii welcomed a few digital currency exchanges into its regulatory sandbox. Among those are bitFlyer, and Gemini. The operation in the sandbox lasts up to two years and gives the participants enough time to attain enough qualifications for a full US law-compliant license.

Cryptocurrency news on Adoption

This week’s news about crypto adoption seem to come from the future.

Spacechain, UK-based research firm, authorized a signed Bitcoin transaction from the International Space Station. A small step for Bitcoin, and potentially, a huge leap for humanity, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong.

We also got some insight into the futuristic blockchain Akon City, as reported by Cointelegraph. The ambitious project aims to build a smart city with blockchain-powered infrastructure in Senegal by 2023. It is expected that citizens will be able to pay for everything from utilities to fares in the project’s cryptocurrency Akoin, and the civil structures will employ the underlying technologies for logistics and trade. 

Cryptocurrency news on DeFi

If you still need proof that DeFi is seeing crazy levels of hype, we have a couple of examples for you.

Bitcoin is no longer the most expensive asset on the market. Time and time again this week, it was outpriced by the token. At the moment of writing this crypto digest, the price of YFI is $15,160.21, 28.59% more than that of BTC.

With all confidence it can be said that memetic value is a real metric in DeFi. Spaghetti Coin protocol attracted $200 million in capital within 12 hours since its inception. This is happening in the light of the developers outright stating that the code is unaudited and the protocol holds no intrinsic monetary value. 

A ConsenSys developer Jordan Lyall, to mock the trend, developed the Degenerator tool, with which anyone can develop a DeFi project in 5 minutes. Surprisingly, it got picked up and by the end of the day, a MEME token made with it reached $1 million in capitalization.

Latest Crypto News from Twitter

news for Bitcoin bulls: stock-to-flow predictions are back on the radar! Stock-to-flow model is based on the presumption that the more scarce an asset is, the more value it holds, and is applied to precious metals and material goods. Plan B, the most well-known proponent of this model, suggested taking the dollar out of the equation, and forecasts the value of approximately 100 ounces of gold for 1 BTC in the next year. Though sometimes criticized, the stock-to-flow model historically shows a rather high degree of correlation to the projected result.

This week Robert Kiyosaki was going on a tangent, making not one but several tweets about investing in safe havens. With one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, giving up shares in the banking sector and USD index at a two-year low, in Kiyosaki’s words, the collapse is imminent.

Vitalik Buterin made it into a lot of cryptocurrency news stories with the tweets in which he admitted to hardly ever participating in yield farming or selling his ETH at $700. But this tweet is also kind of valuable, especially now, because it’s never too late to remind yourself to exercise caution and be reasonable. After all, yield farming in DeFi is a relatively new trend which is yet to mature.

Top Cryptocurrencies Price Change

In comparison with the last week, the overall market metrics changed only so slightly. The BTC rally seems to have slowed down significantly by now. The altcoins broke free from the violent activity again. Each project is now following their own trends, as can be seen by an abundance of individual cryptocurrency news.

At the moment of writing this crypto digest, the market’s and top currencies’ dynamics for the last week are the following:

Total Market Cap: $371,758,547,565 (+0.67%); 

BTC Dominance: 58.8% (was 58.7%).

Gainers of the week

  • OMG Network (OMG) $6.36 (↑227.01%);
  • 0x (ZRX) $0.869060 (↑85.81%);
  • Status Network Token (SNT) $0.042837 (↑42.17%).

Protip: all of these currencies can be exchanged with ChangeHero! You can also buy and sell them on our website.


Not a lot of market action but quite a lot of cryptocurrency news, right? Those were the most interesting latest cryptocurrency news from our team! For regular updates each week, as well as educational and informative content and latest crypto news, subscribe to our blog and give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Telegram. Stay tuned and take care!

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