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June 3, 2020

The community members often call DigiByte a sleeping giant, appealing to its solid tech, versatile applications and fair ethos. Therefore, it is only a matter of time when it will take the crypto market by storm and see its value reach new heights, and some say its recent price performance is the first sign of […]

DigiByte Price Prediction 2020, 2025, 2030

The community members often call DigiByte a sleeping giant, appealing to its solid tech, versatile applications and fair ethos. Therefore, it is only a matter of time when it will take the crypto market by storm and see its value reach new heights, and some say its recent price performance is the first sign of it. Its future price movement is a hot topic right now, so we brought you DigiByte price prediction for 2020 and some forecasts for the future!

What is DigiByte

DigiByte (DGB) is a UTXO cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014. Its main features are faster block times and higher transactional capacity than in other UTXO coins. 

DigiByte is focused on security, so their mining algorithm involves methods for different hardware and hashing algorithms for maximum decentralization. In total, there are five mining algorithms that are weighed equally, so any of them can be used effectively. As a result, the network can be sustained by more miners, which means higher hash-rates and fewer chances of custom hardware or a 51% attack.

DigiByte is renowned for its community, since this is a project running entirely on voluntary effort. Despite not being in the top for market capitalization, this is a long-standing project that continues to thrive. You can read a Beginner’s Guide our team published for more details about the coin’s technology and why it is succeeding.

DigiByte Price History

DGB Price from 2014 to 2017

DigiByte price between 2014 to 2017
Source: CoinMarketCap

DigiByte was launched without any promotional campaign or an ICO — Jared Tate wanted it to happen in the same way that it was with Bitcoin. The project sacrificed the promise of initial performance for the ideals of a transparent and fair currency. An all-time low was recorded almost a year after the launch, $0.00002 on December 20, 2014.

In March 2015, DGB was listed on Poloniex, which helped break the decline in price. Later in the same year, following the trend in Bitcoin, DigiByte’s price rose even more, up to $0.000522.

In 2016, the next significant spike in the price took place. This could be connected with Microsoft nominating DigiByte for BizSpark and Azure initiatives as a promising start-up. It made the coin’s price reach more than $0.0004 for a short period of time, which is still an improvement in the context of the overall performance of Digibyte at that time. The real value was about to hit the DGB market a few years later.

DGB price between 2017 and 2019

DigiByte price performance in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019
Source: CoinMarketCap

2017 and 2018 were the times of great volatility for DigiByte. In June 2017, an announcement was teased by the official account and the hype around it drove the price up ninety-fold. In the end it turned out to be a run-of-the-mill update of the blockchain and the official wallet. Another spike happened in December, 2017, after John McAffee tweeted about DGB. This price spike was happening with the market-wide surge following the Bitcoin, so this would have happened regardless. 

Soon after, on January 7, 2018, DigiByte reached its ATH: $0.142889. But after that, a market-wide correction occurred, and the price was declining steadily. DigiByte, along with the majority of altcoins, suffered a substantial (-85.3%) loss from the crazy start to that year.

The Crypto Winter of 2019 hit DigiByte quite hard. As a result of it, the price has entered a downtrend that lasted for years. The opening price of DigiByte in 2019 was around one cent, and in that year it kept negative overall price performance.

DigiByte Price in 2020

DigiByte Price in 2020
Source: CoinMarketCap

In early 2020, the downtrend was continuing, and the lowest point of it happened right after the March 2020 market crash, when a single DGB dipped to only $0.002532. But from then on, the price movements have become reassuring, to say the least, with the coin price skyrocketing in April.

DigiByte sure made some buzz this spring, breaking the downtrend so spectacularly. Over the past 90 days, it has seen an increase of almost 1000%, in a swing from $0.002532 to $0.026587. But right now there is a correction happening, and the current price of DGB (at the time of writing) is $0.017960. It’s worth noting how the bulls are succeeding in keeping the price at a rather high level even in the light of it.

CryptoRating experts say that this bullish rally that defied the market trends was healthy since it had had substantial buildup. The same is said by the DigiByte supporters such as Rudy Bouwman, although their reasoning is that the coin is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

What Could Influence DGB’s Price

Here’s a few facts that can make DigiByte a safe long-term investment, in our opinion.


DigiByte was envisioned as a platform that improves on the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies first. For projects like these, having a user base, the larger the better, is vital to the use case. Building on the platform and using the applications on it can cause an influx of investment coming into the ecosystem and the currency’s market capitalization, hence the possible impact on the price.

Recently, DigiByte announced new strategic partnerships. Among them are ThreeFold and SafeHaven, both are projects that are aligned with DigiByte and can mean extended functionality of the platform. ThreeFold is a peer-to-peer Internet grid initiative, and SafeHaven is a project that devises solutions for digital assets and documents.


In the recent development news, the team is delivering on some of the planned improvements they have in their pipeline. For example, an official iOS application with DigiAssets support was tested just a few days ago and will soon be ready for the launch. Considering that this all is done by volunteers, this is promising.

At the beginning of May, DigiByte Foundation has submitted a call for developers that can contribute to the project on Twitter. Along with it, they provided an updated version of their pipeline for the currency: it includes new functions for DigiAssets, Schnorr signatures, ProgPoW and RandomX, Lightning Network, resources and SDKs for developers.

Healthy and active development means that the coin is nowhere near dead yet, in fact, it continues to thrive.

Adoption Action

In an interview with a DigiByte ambassador Josiah Spackman, YouTuber Hasshoshi discussed what is in store for DigiByte and its platform. Dutch government-run Appathon-winning application Covid-19 Alert uses DigiByte solutions to encrypt users’ data. The key to adoption, as he says, is to promote working solutions first, because not everyone wants to know how it works in detail.

The collaborations, such as the one with Alternative Airlines, with which users can purchase airplane tickets with altcoins, including DGB, is an obvious advantage that will surely increase the scope of DGB uses. According to Cryptwerk, the amount of shops and merchants that accept DGB is increasing each month. In May, there were 380 companies that accepted DGB registered on that site.

In addition, earlier this year, Jared Tate, who is a former U.S. Senate Page, attended the Congressional Blockchain Caucus on behalf of the DigiByte Foundation and the crypto community as a whole, to promote the technology to the Senate representatives. This was a significant move for the entire sphere because healthy and informed regulation can foster the wide adoption the market needs.

#digibyte on Twitter: Predictions and Discussion

Trader @JayChiew88 hinting that DGB would hit all time high in the near future
Source: Twitter

Trader @JayChiew88 usually gives advice about various cryptocurrencies, but recent price movements of DGB have caught his attention. He speculates that the price will test the all-time high level as soon as in a couple of weeks (Note: current ATH was recorded on 07/01/18 and was $0.142889).

CEO of EGW Capital, Rahul Kumar announced his willingness to contribute to the adoption of DigiByte adoption in India
Source: Twitter

@rahulegw is the CEO of EGW Capital, a crypto bank, who recently announced his contribution into increasing the adoption of DGB: he plans to introduce a point-of-sale system to India, a huge market with a rapidly increasing presence in technology. Needless to say, this tweet made waves across the crypto Twitter.

Crypto influencer @girlgone_crypto tweeting about DGB
Source: Twitter

DigiByte has also been receiving attention from outside of its community, namely, @girlgone_crypto has voiced her interest and support of the project.

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2020

TradingBeasts DGB Price Prediction: $0.019 for 1 DGB

TradingBeasts gives a positive evaluation for short-term investments in DigiByte. Their algorithm predicts that in December 2020, an average price of DGB will be $0.0192275, which is a 13.8% increase from the current price.

Coinnounce DGB Price Prediction: $0.03 by the end of 2020

An even more bullish prediction is given by a finance blog Coinnounce. Basing their opinion on other predictions, as well as the fact that DigiByte has a very strong technological foundation, authors come to the conclusion that by the end of 2020 we can see DGB rising to $0.03. Another reason for them to be so bullish is that the platform keeps developing, introducing new products and, as a consequence, new users to the ecosystem.

Captain Altcoin DGB Price Prediction: maximum of $0.01

In February, Julian Joseph Lehmann of Captain Altcoin gave a less hopeful prediction for DigiByte in 2020, which surprisingly did not come true! Many predictions end up being wrong, and this is par the course, but his reasoning should be taken into account.

He proves there is a very strong correlation between BTC and DGB prices and comes to the conclusion that a continuous rally is only possible if such a rally occurs with Bitcoin, which is a real possibility after the 2020 halving. In that case, Lehmann predicted, DGB price could end up twice as high as it was at the end of 2019 (which was around $0.0053). What he couldn’t have predicted, though, is that right now DGB is consistently being traded at a price well above that level.

WalletInvestor’s DGB Price Prediction: bearish with a pump to $0.017 in December

In WalletInvestor’s forecast at the time of writing, DGB’s average daily price will sink below 1 cent in August of 2020, and by September retest the past lows, being traded within the range of $0.0017–$0.0019 on average. In October, the price will establish itself at a level about $0.002, staying there until late December, when another price spike might occur and raise the level above $0.019, making the closing average price for 2020 $0.0171.

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2021’s DigiByte Price Prediction for 2020–2021: $0.0088 to $0.042

DigiByte price prediction for 2021
Source: Gov.Capital

As seen on this graph, Gov.Capital prediction service also suggests that in late 2020 bears will overpower the bulls, but in January, 2021 the DGB price will surge again. At its highest, the price within a year from now will be $0.042 for a single DigiByte, which is more than a recent high ($0.026587) by 60%.

TradingBeasts DigiByte Price Prediction for 2021: $0.016–$0.023

As for the price within a year from now, TradingBeasts currently predict that on average in June 2021 DGB will be worth $0.0189283. The fluctuation is expected to take the DigiByte price anywhere between $0.0160890 and $0.0236603.

DGB Price Forecast in 2021–2024

Crypto Rating DigiByte Price Prediction: from $0.03 in 2021 to $0.19 in 2024

In the forecast by CryptoRating, algorithm assesses DigiByte to be a risky short-term investment, where short-term is understood as anything less than five years. Still, even after a couple of years, holders can get a return: The DGB price is said to gradually accumulate over the next few years: in 2021 it might reach $0.036608 on average, in 2022 it will rise to $0.058720, in 2023 DGB is forecast to be worth about $0.109170. In 2024 DGB’s average price will amount to $0.193092.

CryptoGround DigiByte Price Prediction: $0.0429 in 2022

A rising trend that can be seen in CryptoGround’s forecast might be similar in its consistency but it is far more modest. Their algorithm actually accounts for a possibility of DGB not doing too well in 2021: the price might see a negative change (-26.84%) in mid-2021. At the same time, it shows that DGB will not fall drastically within the next few years, so they claim that it is a safe long-term investment.

According to CryptoGround’s price prediction, in 2022 a single DGB will be worth about $0.0429. 

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2025

Crypto Rating DigiByte Price Forecast: up to $0.35

DigbiByte price prediction for 2025
Source: Crypto Rating

Continuing the trend that is described in the previous section, Crypto Rating’s DGB price forecast shows that the upward momentum will take the price to an average of $0.358196 within five years from 2020.

CryptoGround’s DigiByte Price Forecast: $0.0875

As CryptoGround analysis shows, DigiByte will perform better as a long-term investment, by which they mean that its worth in 5 years or more will increase significantly.

The projections that their algorithm uses show that DigiByte in 2025 might amount to $0.0875.

DigitalCoinPrice DGB Price Forecast for 2025: $0.0744–$0.0899

For a monthly breakdown so far in the future, DigitalCoinPrice uses only approximations of monthly averages. Still, they predict that 2025 will be a relatively calm year for DigiByte’s price: the lowest monthly average is forecast to happen in August ($0.07444440) and highest in March ($0.08997697). The closing price ($0.07651788 in December), though, is going to be lower than the opening  ($0.08671341 in January).

DGB Price Prediction for Future Years (up to 2030)

DigitalCoinPrice DigiByte Price Prediction: up to $1 after 2027

DigiByte price prediction for 2025 and beyond
Source: DigitalCoinPrice

When will DGB cost $1? According to this rather positive forecast, not too soon. The next “big” number, $0.08 mark, will go seldom tested until 2026, but the year will close with DGB worth $0.07629397 a unit. By suggesting the upward dynamic drawn on the chart above will be carried out further in the future, DigitalCoinPrice analysts conclude that a $1 mark can be met not earlier than in 2027.

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2030

There is not much information about any predictions for DigiByte ten years in the future. The project has been around for six years, but six years of market data is still not enough to project the price movements using historical or technical analysis. In the end of the day, given how even the most recent predictions were rendered obsolete by the global events, it’s understandable that there is no reliable way to estimate the price movements so far ahead in the future.

ChangeHero’s DigiByte Price Prediction

DigiByte, in our opinion, is a coin with strong technical foundation, great potential for use thanks to the expansion of its platform, and supportive healthy community. One of the possible reasons that holds DigiByte back from gaining its place in the spotlight is that investors do not see it as a means of value transfer and storage yet. But once the DigiByte platform gains wider use, this will surely change. In that case, it might eventually reach $0.1 or even dollar parity.

Don’t forget that you can swap your crypto for DigiByte with ChangeHero — we take care of all the technicalities and make the exchange easy and quick, with low fees.

As always, if you liked this article, let us know! And if you have some predictions of your own, feel free to engage with discussion on our blog, TwitterFacebookReddit, Telegram

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This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. 

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investitions in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

Author: changehero
May 16, 2020

DigiByte (DGB) is both a blockchain and a cryptocurrency used within it. Like Bitcoin it uses Proof-of-Work consensus protocol (ergo, it can be mined) and unspent transaction output (UTXO) to record transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, DigiByte is a multi-layered, multi-purpose blockchain that is focused on cybersecurity and utility as well as secure payments and communications.

What is DIgibyte? A beginner's guide by ChangeHero

Bitcoin is the prime cryptocurrency that made the idea of decentralized digital currencies work, but it is far from perfect. DigiByte (DGB) attempts to improve on its model, so that people can have a secure and quick payment system. In this guide, ChangeHero is going to tell you how DigiByte achieves its goal and how it is used today.

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte (DGB) is both an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency used within it. Like the Bitcoin blockchain, it uses Proof-of-Work consensus protocol (ergo, new coins get added in the mining process) and unspent transaction output (UTXO) to record transactions.

Unlike Bitcoin, DigiByte is a multi-layered, multi-purpose blockchain that is focused on cybersecurity and utility as well as secure payments and communications.

History and team 

DigiByte was being developed in 2013 and officially started in January 2014. Its founder and creator Jared Tate joined the Bitcoin community a year earlier, but in late 2013 undertook a project of cryptocurrency that was his vision of improved Bitcoin.

Tate is still an active and prominent member of the community, but he is not responsible for running it anymore — from the very start, it has been in the hands of its community, in the spirit of decentralization.

There is no enterprise or business behind DigiByte. It is supported by developer and marketer volunteers for no pay at all. The teams that contribute to the project are:

  • Core developer team responsible for DigiByte software;
  • Core outreach and DGBAT (DigiByte Awareness Team);
  • DigiByte Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides support to the DGB community and promotes decentralization.

DigiByte in Numbers

DigiByte blocks are capped at 1 MB, like in Bitcoin, but in addition to significantly faster block time it scales better thanks to SegWit implementation. DigiByte blocks occur every 15 seconds.

The transaction processing speed can handle 560 tx/s, which is significantly higher than the other UTXO coins. In addition, it has negligible fees in comparison.

Digibyte transaction speed compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Comparison with other UTXO coins; Source: Twitter

Another major change from the Bitcoin code is in the miner reward system. Instead of slashing rewards in half every four years, DigiByte gradually decreases the block rewards by roughly 1% each month. This means that the max supply of DigiByte (21 billion coins) will be completely mined by 2035.

At the time of publishing, the DigiByte blocks reward 444.40242088 DGB tokens or $4.44 USD.

Layers of DigiByte

The decentralized DigiByte network is a secure and multi-purpose structure. Jared Tate described it as an “Oreo” with three layers:

  • Blockchain: On the first level, we have protocol and communications. This is the DigiByte’s blockchain in its purest form, with nodes communicating with each other.
  • Cryptocurrency: On the middle layer, DigiByte transactions occur, and DGB comes into play.
  • Applications: Finally, the bottom layer represents a secondary chain. The main structure of this level is DigiAssets.

DigiAssets is a platform for issuing assets, tokens, smart contracts to represent real-world assets from units of value to documents and pieces of media. It is a continuation of Open Assets protocol, which lets units of data not connected with DGB transactions be transferred through the blockchain. 

Mining DigiByte

DigiByte is unique since it uses five different mining algorithms at once, weighted equally. This technology boosts the network’s security, as well as helps prevent mining centralization.

DigiByte uses MultiShield (an improved version of DigiShield), a technology that recalculates mining difficulty after every block and calibrates all five mining algorithms against each other. While it uses SHA-256, scrypt and Qubit, which are all hashing algorithms that are best solved by ASICs, the other two mining algorithms, Odocrypt and Skein, are ASIC-resistant.

Each mining algorithm contributes equally, so DGB can be successfully mined using any algorithm out of these five. Another issue that this technology resolves is fluctuations in hashpower caused by miners momentarily joining or leaving the network en masse.

In other networks, like Dogecoin and Zcash, this has been a cause of network congestion and spikes in mining difficulty, but DigiByte was able to resolve this problem.

Roadmap and Pipeline

In the future, DigiByte is supposed to be mineable with any type of hardware. For that purpose, the community is planning to change some of the algorithms in use. Ideally, the MultiAlgo should look like this:

  1. ASIC algorithm;
  2. FPGA (Odocrypt);
  3. CPU (RandomX was proposed this April);
  4. GPU (ProgPoW implementation to replace SHA-256 is in development);
  5. Additional algorithm, potentially, Proof-of-Stake.

Another way in which accessibility is planned to be achieved is in optimizing memory utilization, so the core client would run even on 32-bit processors or systems with less than 4GB RAM.

What else is in the pipeline? Right now, Schnorr signatures for increased security are being considered, as well as Lightning integration, among other things. A lot of improvements are planned for DigiAssets. Among them are mobile app management and burn, and dividends are in active development.

Use Cases and Adoption

With DigiAssets, it is possible to transact not only with DGB, but using any tokenized assets, tokens and smart contracts, which can be applied in “real estate, finance, remittance, identity, point of sale, racing, trade, healthcare, supply chain, government and more”.

Creating an infrastructure to build applications on top of the blockchain technology is already proving successful for other networks, so DigiByte sees it as a key to adoption as well.

Digi-ID is an authentication system built on top of DigiByte blockchain. It can easily replace standard usernames and passwords, as well as 2FA. All that is needed is a device with Digi-ID support to scan the QR-code and send the cryptographic signature through the blockchain.

Since the data that is transferred is encrypted, no personal information is recorded on the blockchain, so this method is superbly secure.

The main chain as well can boast low fees and fast transaction times thanks to MultiAlgo and adjusting mining difficulty. It makes DGB a viable option for transacting and remittances.

Thanks to CoinGate, Coinify and Coinpayments integrations, businesses can accept DGB as a means of payment. With Kamoney and Bitbill, users can pay their utility bills with it. DGB is supported in Spend, Pungo, UQID and PolisPay debit cards.

Best Wallets for DGB

DigiByte has a few open-source wallet applications, developed by the community members: Core (desktop), Mobile (iOS and Android), Go (Chrome extension). Mobile and Go support DigiAssets as well.

Third-party wallets with DGB integration include Exodus, Coinomi, Atomic, JAXX Liberty, Guarda, Trust and Magnum Wallet. For cold storage, you might look into Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey or Opolo.

In Exodus and Trezor Wallets, you can swap crypto and buy DigiByte with the help of ChangeHero integration. It’s fast, cheap and you won’t even need to close the app.

DigiByte on Twitter

Trader Serf shared a weekly chart of DGB. Looks like they’re implying a repetition of a 2017 bounce is imminent.
Another community member going by Digimyke shared a curious comparison of DGB to Bitcoin. While the max supply of the altcoin is much higher, it will reach its supply cap much sooner.
With the news about Terra, Celsius and now Solana, the crypto community has brought back the decentralization discourse. According to a core DigiByte developer Yoshi, though, it does not seem to be an issue to them.

DGB Price Performance in 2022

DigiByte Price Performance in 2022 YTD
Source: CoinMarketCap

Like the majority of altcoins and even Bitcoin in 2022 so far, DigiByte has been on a downtrend. In late March and early April, Bitcoin went on a recovery bounce, and DGB dialed this trend up to eleven, reaching the yearly high at $0.03977.

The market trend was not the only reason it rallied, as the coin community had a March full of great DigiByte news, anyway.

At the moment of publishing, DigiByte is at 143rd rank by market cap ($154,730,109 USD). One DGB is worth $0.01003 USD. DigiByte’s ROI is a considerable +569%.


The ChangeHero team shares the values of utility, decentralization and accessibility with the DigiByte community. This is why we support it, meaning you can easily swap crypto currencies and buy DigiByte on our website. As always, it will be a piece of cake, quick and at a best rate at the market.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s guide! Bookmark the ChangeHero Blog, we publish interesting content about all things crypto and blockchain. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, Telegram and be the first to get notified.

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Author: changehero
July 30, 2019

Over five years since it’s launch, DigiByte has attracted the attention of a significant number of traders and crypto enthusiasts. DGB is perceived not only as a utility token itself but also as an asset to invest in. There were a lot of dramatic price changes in DGB history, but lately, in mid-2019 DGB has […]

Over five years since it’s launch, DigiByte has attracted the attention of a significant number of traders and crypto enthusiasts. DGB is perceived not only as a utility token itself but also as an asset to invest in. There were a lot of dramatic price changes in DGB history, but lately, in mid-2019 DGB has managed to stabilize.

What to expect from DigiByte platform and DGB price in the near future? Is the best time to invest in DGB yet to come? And what to do with your assets if you are already a holder? We hope, Our new DGB Price analysis will help you to make the right decision.

Background & Technology

DigiByte is an open-sourced blockchain with an emphasis on decentralization. It was established by Jared Tate who is also the lead developer. After a 2-year involvement with Bitcoin, Jared decided to improve BTC core protocols. In 2014, he launched DigiByte with the purpose of pioneering new innovations. DigiByte has a 15 seconds block timing and that means it is 40 times faster than Bitcoin. It has the quickest block speed on the UTXO blockchain which makes it one of the best performing altcoins.

DGB is built on a solid platform which makes it impossible to counterfeit or hack. It uses 5 mining algorithms to protect the network. DigiByte was the first blockchain project to install SegWit in April 2017 in order to increase the block capacity and prevent malleability.

With the aim to make its technology act as a global payment system, DigiByte is just a few steps away from fiat adoption. We believe users would be able to use DGB to make common purchases soon.

Digibyte price analysis

Within a period of five years, DigiByte has become one of the safest blockchains. It is used in over 80 countries and about 15000 nodes globally. DGB came to the market with the lowest price of $0.0000366 at the end of 2014. It remained a comparatively stable price up to the mid-2017, with only a few short price jumps of about 50%. You can ask, are we really naming the price, that suddenly changes by 50% a comparatively stable? Yes, we are…

DigiByte price chart for 2014-2019
Source: CoinMarketCap
In June 2017 Digibyte price rose up 30 times from around $0.002 to $0.06. DGB didn’t manage to remain in this trend and decreased to about $0.01 within 2 months. Another dramatic price pick happened between December 2017 and January 2018, when DGB price reached $0,147.

However, in February, the price dropped back to $0.02 and fluctuated between this value and $0.045 till October 2018. DGB entered the year 2019 at a price of $0.01 and reached a maximum of $0.0161 in June.

Recently, DGB price is stabilized. It is currently ranked #55 by CoinMarketCap with about 705.86% growth level since its introduction. DGB have about 12,075,114,747 DGB in circulation and a market cap of $132,272,921.

Expert’s price predictions

DigiByte has built a strong ecosystem and shown great potential through partnerships with different companies. Thus many experts are optimistic about the future of DigiByte, although predictions in the crypto world have proven to be very difficult.

Chief marketing officer and co-founder of DigiByte awareness team, Rudy Bouwman, expressed his thoughts on DGB’s future in the twitter post below:

Rudy Bowman about DigitByte
Source: Twitter
Crypto prediction website CoinLiker is confident of DGB’s price long-term increase. They predict a 5-year growth of up to $0.523342. Based on their projections, the DigiByte technology will become part of the daily payment systems as it evolves within this 5-year period. CoinLiker further predicts $0.151439 growth in 1 year and $0.269912 in 3 years as you can see in the table:
DigiByte price prediction for the next few years
Source: CoinLiker

Digital Coin Price predicts that Digibyte price might reach $0.01843590 by the end of 2019 and $0.04602046 by 2025, representing a growth of 345.26%. See the full Digibyte price forecast chart:

DigiByte price prediction for 2019-2026
Source: DigitalCoin
DGB price prediction for 2019-2026
Source: DigitalCoin

Crypto Gunther is a crypto-analyst who believes that DigiByte can reach $20 dollars by 2020. If this happens, DGB will have a market cap of $220 billion which might make it the most valuable crypto in the industry.

DGB Technical Analysis

Wallet investor, another online prediction website makes a conservative projection that, DigiByte’s price can reach $0.0783 within 5 years.

What Else to Expect

The recent Odocrypt update (that allows DGB mining without ASICs hardware) and the announcement of Digi-ID have generated excitement among investors and created a positive image of DGB’s future. The DigiByte team is working hard to achieve mass adoption of the technology in the near future through collaborations with payment gateway companies Utrust and Paytomat. DGB represents a special project that is backed by a solid business strategy. Its unique blockchain technology is well secured and super-fast. It has the longest in the world. Because of DigiByte’s distinctive features, we are hopeful that it will become one of the most utilized coins in the market.

On ChangeHero platform, you can buy DGB with the credit card and exchange it with 140+ other currencies anonymously, without any limits and with the best Fixed and Float rates on the market among 10+ exchanges. We are always happy to support you with great crypto exchange service, regardless of the market situation at ChangeHero!

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Author: changehero
October 1, 2018

DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain. DigiBytes are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data. In this short article, we will explain what the project is about, review latest DigiByte news and explain […]

DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain. DigiBytes are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data. In this short article, we will explain what the project is about, review latest DigiByte news and explain how to buy DigiByte with ChangeHero.

What is DigiByte?

The DigiByte Blockchain is perfectly positioned towards building a secure and decentralized digital future with its unique combination of problem-solving experience, pioneering new innovations and resilience through 4 full-time years of development.

The DigiByte blockchain has been battle-hardened and tested for over 4 years now, based on the most proven blockchain technology.

Read further to learn the latest DigiByte news and how to buy DigiByte.

What makes DigiByte Different?

In the recent DigiByte news, it was found that DGB transactions are one of the fastest in the blockchain history. DigiByte technology has been presented to governments, corporations and banks to emphasize the benefits of a decentralized future.

Another DigiByte news revealed that DGB is 40x faster than Bitcoin. DigiByte blocks occur on the network every 15 seconds making DigiByte the fastest UTXO blockchain in the world today. Growing to 7 million blocks, the DigiByte blockchain has encountered and overcome scalability issues not yet seen by most other major blockchains. These innovations will continue into ongoing development.

By putting security first, DigiByte makes sure that transactions, mining and the blockchain distribution are as decentralized as possible. DigiByte security is far more resilient to a 51% attack than other leading blockchains, making it an ideal asset for protecting valuable data.

DigiByte news on future development

A change in market conditions is in the air, and the last couple of weeks have begun to show this. On top of it all, we’ve just recently launched the website as a platform to direct people who are interested to find out more about Digi-ID.

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This website has a document called ‘darkpaper’, along with a set of FAQ for end-users, vendors potentially looking to integrate Digi-ID into their platform, as well as developers.

Digi-ID is going to be a monumental shift in authentication security, and the more we’re talking about this in Telegram, the more we see people agreeing with us as they learn about how it works and why it works. The potential for password-less logins based on the same cryptographic security that keeps your DigiByte (Or Bitcoin) safe, is massive!

How to buy DigiByte the best way?

ChangeHero digibyte exchange interface
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As promised, we will now show you how to buy DigiByte in the most easiest way.

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your DGB wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
  2. Double-check the provided information, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Send in a single transaction the sum of cryptocurrency you will be exchanging. For  Fixed Rate transactions you have 15 minutes before it expires;
  4. From here on, you won’t need to do anything. At this step we are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your DGB is on the way to your wallet. And so, the transaction is finished!

Remember that you can reach our support in the chat or through the email: [email protected].

We are working towards listing DigiByte at the world largest exchanges for more people to be able to get their hands on DigiByte. Now you can buy DGB on 60+ exchanges. One of the most convenient ways — to buy DGB on ChangeHero fast and with no registration. You can even buy it with 0% commission some days. We publish interesting content on our blog. Follow us on TwitterFacebookReddit, Telegram and Medium and be up to date!

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