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November 3, 2021

First the Dogecoin CEO, then Dogefather, and now is Elon Musk Chairman of Dogecoin? Let’s quickly review the news to avoid confusion and check if you should be concerned. How Did It Start? Elon Musk has been dubbed “CEO of Dogecoin” after a joke tweet with a poll went viral in 2019. The joke is, […]

Is Elon Musk Chairman of Dogecoin Now?

First the Dogecoin CEO, then Dogefather, and now is Elon Musk Chairman of Dogecoin? Let’s quickly review the news to avoid confusion and check if you should be concerned.

How Did It Start?

Elon Musk and Dogecoin
Source: Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter

Elon Musk has been dubbed “CEO of Dogecoin” after a joke tweet with a poll went viral in 2019. The joke is, Dogecoin is decentralized, so this title would mean nothing.
Along with him, the candidates included Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee and Marshall Hayner. After that, Musk himself went on record admitting that he finds Dogecoin “pretty cool”.
Fast forward to 2020, more and more tweets mentioning the Doge meme or Dogecoin outright appeared on Musk’s Twitter feed. By that time, it was known that he is a holder and supporter of this meme currency.

So What is It This Time?

While the first tweet does not even remotely mention Dogecoin, users and crypto news outlets did not ignore it. Why is that?
The text quotes an ancient Chinese poem about a rivalry between two brothers. One of them became king and had the other write this poem to assert his innocence.
The gist of the poem is why should siblings fight, basically. Some of the users, while trying to wrap their heads around the meaning of the post, decided it alludes to the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu’s rivalry.

Then, co-creator of Dogecoin Billy Markus held an annual “election” for the candidate for “fake Dogecoin CEO” — as a joke, of course. As the first one to be appointed to the title, Elon Musk did not stay on the sidelines and volunteered to take the “seat”.
While he was not awarded the faux CEO status, beaten by Kabosu herself, Markus made Elon Musk chairman of Dogecoin — again, for laughs only.

Did Dogecoin and SHIB Prices React?

At the time of writing, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are sharing 9th and 10th places in the market cap rating, respectively. It seems the tweets did not influence the trends that were dictating the price movement of dog coins.
Dogecoin is down 2.03% in 24 hours. Incidentally with the first tweet, DOGE went down 1.05% and 0.5% the next hour. At the time of publishing the second tweet, DOGE price went up 1.02% and then down 0.76%. 
Shiba Inu is down 7.78% in 24 hours. After the first tweet, SHIB price went down 1.40% and then -1.27%.

Bottom Line

The days when a single cryptic tweet by Elon Musk could move the markets of cryptocurrencies seem to be over. Nonetheless, the users try to connect each post and the news report on each, even not serious, post.
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September 22, 2020

Crypto community’s beloved original meme coin has had a crazy year so far: rise by thousand percent, return of the developers. In this updated Dogecoin price prediction 2021 and 2022 by the ChangeHero team, we try to see what opinions there are about the future of DOGE. Dogecoin Price Prediction 2021–2030 Year Price 2021 $0.19–1 […]

Crypto community’s beloved original meme coin has had a crazy year so far: rise by thousand percent, return of the developers. In this updated Dogecoin price prediction 2021 and 2022 by the ChangeHero team, we try to see what opinions there are about the future of DOGE.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2021–2030

Year Price
2021 $0.19–1
2022 $0.234–0.3026
2023 $0.313–0.3389
2024 $0.3–0.5
2025 $0.5563–1
2030 $1–8


  • A short-term Dogecoin price prediction 2021 mentions the coveted $1 target but generally these agree that the price will be the same or lower;
  • As for Dogecoin price prediction 2022, the opening price might be lower than currently — $0.17 — but ultimately can bring profits rising to $0.284;
  • Different predictions claim $1 for DOGE is reachable but the years are different: in 2021, by 2025 or even only in 2030. Different Dogecoin predictions for that year actually give a range of $1 up to $8.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin logo
Source: Dogecoin is Awesome

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency, built on Luckycoin (a fork of Litecoin) code. It started as a joke in 2013 but became popular thanks to the Doge meme. 
Dogecoin is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency, meaning that it is propagated and secured by mining. Dogecoin is merge-mined with Litecoin, using the same hashing algorithm Scrypt.
Dogecoin circa 2014 found its niche in tipping. Over the years, the meme went out of the spotlight and initial developers abandoned the project. 
Dogecoin stayed afloat thanks to the people that formed one of the most welcoming and devoted communities in crypto. You can read more about Dogecoin in our beginner’s guide.

Dogecoin Price History

2013 – 2016

Dogecoin price in 2013 – 2016
Source: CoinMarketCap

The Dogecoin price journey can be divided into several periods. The peak soon after the launch on December 6, 2013 can be explained by the coin’s novelty, meme value and a concrete use case. 
Back then, its value quickly rose to 228 satoshis or $0.001964 from a starting price of $0.000603. Soon after the pump receded, things started to look grim for Dogecoin. 
Prior to 2017, its value used to grind against fourth-place decimals of a dollar for years. A pump in early 2016 took the price up from $0.0001481 to $0.0004551, but it didn’t last for long. 
On average, the DOGE price in 2016 and 2017 was a bit higher than in the two previous years. It can be interpreted as a sign of Dogecoin somewhat solidifying its positions.


Dogecoin price in 2017–2019
Source: CoinMarketCap

2017 was a year that changed a lot for cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin. With more listings and rising interest in the whole market, Dogecoin got involved in more trading. 
Its price spectacularly soared in sync with Bitcoin in early 2018 to $0,018773 USD. The opening price for 2017 was $0,000223 USD, and the closing — $0,008972, an increase of 4000%.
This would not be the last time Dogecoin price followed BTC’s, like in August of the same year. In 2018, DOGE established a consistent price range around $0.002–$0.003.


Dogecoin price in 2020–2021
Source: CoinMarketCap

Since mid-2019, Dogecoin has been trading sideways, while still under the influence of general market trends (bullish rally and crash in March 2020, for example). Time and time again, experts expected the accumulation trend to resolve in a new pump.
The first time their predictions came true seemed to be in July, 2020. However, this was not a result of some technical or fundamental change. 
Dogecoin just became really popular with Investing TikTok, a slew of the viral video app user base dabbling in stocks. DOGE doubled in price to $0.00448, and after returning to the old range near $0.003, Dogecoin rose to that high again only at the close of 2020.
In 2021, though, Dogecoin went up in a way that can only be described as vertical. First, DOGE was influenced by the Bitcoin rally (again) and rose to $0.012 in January. 
Around the same time, billionaire Elon Musk started mentioning Dogecoin more often than ever. He would sporadically tweet about Dogecoin in 2019 and 2020, but the frequency of posts led everyone to believe he shills the coin.
By February, Dogecoin was picked up by the WallStreetBets movement to previously unseen heights. Dogecoin renewed its ATH seemingly every month, until it reached its peak at $0.7376 on May 8, 2021.
The correction that followed was as rapid as the ascent but even now DOGE is trading for 4550% more than at the very start of 2021.
At the time of writing, Dogecoin ranks 10th by market capitalization. A single DOGE is worth exactly 1 DOGE… or $0.2134, if we’re being serious.

What Can Influence the DOGE Price?

Popularity on the Internet

Time and time again, Dogecoin is remembered for what it is: an approachable and accessible altcoin. The meme origin also helps build the image detached from the stereotypical stock and cryptocurrencies, making it even more approachable. 
The TikTok and WSB pumps picked DOGE up for these reasons exactly. This factor is by no means fundamental but history shows it surely makes an influence on the price.
Not to mention that in early 2021, Dogecoin would be frequently mentioned by Elon Musk. Eventually, his tweets lost the effect that sent the DOGE price flying and even had the opposite effect on several occasions.

Increasing Market Exposure

The trading volume has increased significantly during the last two years. More exposure means both more opportunities to buy the coin and more awareness. 
DOGE pairs are dominated by crypto pairs, which used to be a problem, since it wasn’t easy to purchase DOGE with fiat. These days, your best option is to buy Dogecoin with BTC and USDT, and stablecoins are accommodating capital at an avalanche-like rate.
Dogecoin trading massively boosted the revenues of Robinhood brokerage this year at highs. However, the broker is introducing crypto withdrawal only now, and has a history of halting trading during peak volatility.

Dogecoin Adoption

If we are talking about mainstream adoption outside the crypto market, Dogecoin is doing well. According to the statistics provided by Cryptwerk, the number of merchants and payment gateways that accept it is steadily growing. 
At the moment, there are 1,700 points of purchase where you can buy goods and services with DOGE registered with Cryptwerk. A year ago, there was less than half of that. 
Dogecoin is supported by as many as 27 payment gateways, the largest being CoinPayments and CoinGate.

Dogecoin Revival

Since 2018, the developer activity on Dogecoin repository has been rare, if not nonexistent. That is, until early 2021, when devs started working on the code again and released two new versions so far.
Following the devs, Dogecoin Foundation was also reestablished with community veterans at helm to drive awareness and adoption. Max Keller, Vitalik Buterin, Billy Markus and even Elon Musk were invited on board as advisors, though the latter is represented by Jared Birchall.

Thoughts from Influencers

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in an impromptu Twitter AMA session proposed an idea of transition to Proof-of-Stake. With the renewed development activity and re-founded Dogecoin Foundation, ideas like these can well become reality.

The Dogecoin price chart is printing some bewildering patterns, and the community is starting to interpret them half-jokingly, half-seriously.

AMC Theatres started accepting cryptocurrency payments but it seems like Dogecoin is not on the list. This confused many community members and allies as this coin is much better suited for daily payments than, say, Bitcoin.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2021

HueFin News DOGE Price Prediction 2021: $0.19–0.26

YouTube channel HueFin News gives an analysis of Dogecoin price chart without bias: there is a clear downtrend going on right now. However, as always, this is not a reason to stop trading and watching the market.
They put a crucial support level at 19 cents, and if 20 cents is held, sideways action can be expected. The resistance level at 26 cents can be broken at any time, though, and that would signal the reversal they mention in the video title.

CryptoNewsZ Dogecoin Prediction 2021: $1

CryptoNewsZ analyst David Cox is sure that DOGE can push through $1 by the end of 2021. More precisely, the strongest resistance will be met at $1.07 and the low on the downside will move to $0.91.

WalletInvestor Dogecoin Price Prediction 2021: $0.23–0.343

Algorithmic forecast service WalletInvestor is pretty vague on the target for closing 2021. The lower bound of range is a little lower than now at $0.23 but the upper bound is only slightly more at $0.343.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2022–2024’s Dogecoin Price Prediction 2022: $0.234–0.3026’s algorithmic projections suggest that in a year from now, the DOGE price will be approximately 40% higher than now.
On the charts, they expect a bounce similar to the mid-2021 price movement. At the peak in May, Dogecoin can reach $0.47 on average.

TradingBeasts Dogecoin Prediction 2023: $0.313–0.3389

Analytics service Trading Beasts has a moderately bullish forecast for Dogecoin in the next few years. 2023 will open with DOGE at $0.313 on average and close somewhere between $0.288 and $0.4237.

LongForecast Dogecoin Price Prediction 2024: $0.3–0.5

As is typical for Dogecoin, Long Forecast claims that volatility will keep being a factor in the DOGE price. After slumping for a while, in 2024 real profits will start coming in: lows will move above $0.3 and highs will reach $0.5.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2025

DigitalCoinPrice DOGE Price Prediction 2025: $0.6268

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2025
Source: DigitalCoinPrice

Based on historical data, DigitalCoinPrice predicts that Dogecoin will be worth $0.6268 on average in 2025.
Highest monthly average price is expected at $0.7342 in April, while the lowest average can be expected in May: $0.5563.

Economy Watch DOGE Price Prediction: $1

Economy Watch writer and analyst Connor Brooke gives a rough target at $1. This would take a 272% increase in current price but given how DOGE pulled off much larger strides, this is very easy.

CryptoGround DOGE Forecast: $0.6347

Algorithm of CryptoGround does not usually include volatility in the picture and operates with averages. As a result, in their projections, DOGE will accumulate enough value to be worth $0.6347 in 2025.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2030

As for the distant future, not many analysts feel up to the task. Using existing price data, Coin Price Forecast tries to predict that DOGE will meet strong resistance at $1 and hover around it.
More specifically, by mid-2030 DOGE will be worth $0.94 and by the end of it — to $0.98.
A more bullish scenario is painted by, in which they give a range of $6.48 and $8 for DOGE in 2030. Given the time period and DOGE’s potential, this is far from far-fetched.

ChangeHero’s Dogecoin Forecast

In the words of Messari’s Ryan Selkis, “Dogecoin will continue to rock because legends never die”. It started as a meme and quickly became a gateway currency for the crypto-curious, celebrated for its light-hearted community.
2021 brought Dogecoin developers and Dogecoin Foundation back into the picture, so now holders can expect more news. It may not be this year, but in 2022 and forward Dogecoin can be back into the spotlight as more than a meme coin.

How to buy Dogecoin with ChangeHero?

Before you buy DOGE, make sure to find the best online Dogecoin wallet to receive the purchase. We can recommend Exodus, where you can make the purchase right in the app thanks to ChangeHero integration.
The fastest and easiest way to get Dogecoin is to swap it with other cryptocurrencies on ChangeHero:

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
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  4. All done? Now we are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your DOGE is on the way to your wallet. 

ChangeHero’s customer support is available 24/7 in the chat on the website or through the email: [email protected].


Dogecoin made shocking strides in price thanks to being embraced by retail investors. With a meme stock fad dying out, Dogecoin will have to suck up the blow to the price and start building value.
Stay tuned to more content in our blog and our updates on Twitter, Facebook, in Telegram or the subreddit!

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What will Dogecoin be worth by 2022?” answer-0=”Different sources put Dogecoin 2022 targets in a range between $0.17 and 0.5.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What will Dogecoin be worth by 2025?” answer-1=”Some analysts predict Dogecoin will rise in value up to $1. Lowest estimate for DOGE in 2025 is put at $0.5563.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”What will Dogecoin be worth by 2030?” answer-2=”As such long-term forecasts are imprecise, the targets given for Dogecoin in 2030 vary from $1 to $8.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”Can Dogecoin hit $1?” answer-3=”Opinions are very divided on this question. Those who believe DOGE can hit $1, give different time estimates, from as soon as in 2021 to only in 2030.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”What is the future of Dogecoin?” answer-4=”With the Dogecoin repository and Foundation revived, the community has more than enough reasons to believe the future of Dogecoin is as secure as ever.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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This article is not a piece of financial advice. No price prediction is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. 
When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investitions in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

Author: changehero
May 7, 2020

Dogecoin is most known for featuring Shiba-Inu named Kabosu of Doge meme fame as a mascot. But did you know that this is by far not the only awesome thing about it? In this introduction guide, ChangeHero is going to tell you everything about this coin and what makes it viable to this day. Such […]

What is Dogecoin? A beginner's guide by ChangeHero

Dogecoin is most known for featuring Shiba-Inu named Kabosu of Doge meme fame as a mascot. But did you know that this is by far not the only awesome thing about it? In this introduction guide, ChangeHero is going to tell you everything about this coin and what makes it viable to this day.

Such Currency: What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a coin built using Litecoin open source code (which is, in turn, is built using Bitcoin source code). Its blockchain is only slightly tweaked in comparison to the original: the block time is even faster, around 1 minute, and the total supply of Dogecoin is not capped but minted at a constant pace, which makes it a soft-deflationary currency. A successfully solved block yields 10,000 DOGE.

So History: Dogecoin Beginnings

The story behind Dogecoin is worthy of being in the Internet historical records.
The year is 2013. Bitcoin is making the news, and many alternative currencies spring up. Doge is taking over Reddit, Tumblr and the Internet in general. From this chaotic thought space, one day, a Twitter post is born:

Jackson Palmer tweet about Dogecoin
Note: this is a reconstructed version of the tweet. Sadly, the original is no longer retrievable, since the account is deactivated.

The man is Jackson Palmer, at the time marketing manager at Adobe Systems in Sydney. While he made the tweet quite absent-mindedly, it was met with support and encouragement. A week later, when in Palmer’s own words, he had “too much time on his hands”, he bought the domain and made a site entirely in Doge aesthetic for his yet non-existent currency.
This site was soon found by Billy Markus, who was struggling with making his own cryptocurrency at the time. He knew that he had the skills to make Dogecoin real, so he reached out to Palmer, and just a few days later, on December 6, 2013, Dogecoin was launched.
SO WOW! Dogecoin meme
The OG meme; Source: Wikipedia

The phenomenal success of Dogecoin in 2014 would not have been possible without Doge meme being so universally beloved. It is absurd yet understandable and recognizable at the same time. In 2012 the format originated on Shiba Confessions Tumblr, was picked up first by Reddit and then, by the rest of the Internet, apparently — because it was everywhere.

Very Community

The best thing about Dogecoin that keeps it going to this day is the community. Perhaps the fact that DOGE from the very start did not position itself as something serious helped build an enthusiastic community and attract people that might have been daunted by the general discourse around Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Reddit community
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

The core of their activity has always been Reddit. This makes sense, considering the popularity of the meme there in 2013 and a while after that.
It’s not just about being “friendly” and the buzz on social media. The Dogecoin community have been on record raising money for charitable causes quite a few times. One of the better known successful fundraisers was to sponsor a NASCAR driver Josh Wise, but in addition to that they raised money to sponsor Jamaican bobsled team so they could travel to compete in the Sochi Olympics, and there was a joint campaign with Charity: Water, which successfully raised 40 million DOGE (or $30,000 USD at the time).
Other notable members and supporters of the community include Elon Musk and Eric Nakagawa, who used to run Dogecoin Foundation and is now working as head of open-source in Calibra.
Elon Musk tweet about Dogecoin
Buying pizza with Dogecoin
Source: Twitter


Much Sources: How to Get Dogecoin

Many Dogecoin community members admit that DOGE was their first cryptocurrency to own and served as a gateway to the whole crypto biz. How can one join the bandwagon, you ask?


Dogecoin uses the same scrypt hashing algorithm as in Litecoin. For the longest time, just like in Litecoin, it was accessible, and CPU/GPU mining was somewhat profitable. Community members give advice that these days if you don’t have access to a miner pool or really powerful hardware, it is better to give a shot to some other ways.
Unlike some other PoW blockchains that use the deflationary model and regularly cut miner rewards, Dogecoin will always have a steady supply increase of 5.256 billion coins a year and always yield 10,000 DOGE as a reward. This is a design choice to ensure that there will always be enough coins to account for the new users and to actually discourage hoarding DOGE in favor of putting it to use.


A water bowl, or a faucet, works in a simple way: users provide their address, and at a fixed time interval a faucet sends out to all the recipients small amounts of currency. The faucets that are approved by the Dogecoin community run on donations. This is also not the fastest way to earn but at least it requires very little effort.

Buying on exchanges

European Union has a few services that can help with buying DOGE with EUR: Litebit, Anycoin Direct, Fiat pairs with DOGE can be found on Kraken exchange.
If you come from somewhere else in the world, you can always buy any cryptocurrency, for example, Litecoin, at an exchange operating in your country or with your fiat currency of choice first and exchange it to DOGE later. ChangeHero can help you with that, making it simple and fast, without any sign-ups.

Get tipped or paid

Finally, there are a couple more ways to earn Dogecoin. Discord and Reddit have bots that let users leave tips to the posts they found useful or funny, so engaging with the community in a meaningful and productive way can yield some DOGE in the end.
If you have something to offer in exchange for Dogecoin, try finding someone willing to pay you on DogeMarket. People offer to program bots, make memes for DOGE, or just use it instead of exchanges.

Very Price: Charts and Facts

As opposed to Bitcoin Core, Dogecoin was not really designed to become a store of value or a speculative asset to begin with. It is, as their site describes, peer-to-peer digital currency in its purest form. Despite that, there is still some activity going on with trading DOGE. Historically, it followed the market trends almost to a T, with a few cases of breaking the trends and staying in the green zone despite other altcoins losing value.

Dogecoin price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

The most noticeable price spikes happened in 2014 — soon after the coin was launched and gained popularity — and late 2017 — when Bitcoin and the market as a whole were skyrocketing. In 2018, Dogecoin holders have briefly known the taste of coveted penny parity, but alas, it did not persist. Even at its highest, a single DOGE was worth third-place decimals of a dollar.
But don’t let this discourage you: if pizza can be bought with this currency, it is an undeniable proof of the inherent value of it. In addition to DogeMarket, there is SuchList, where you can see for yourself, what value users attribute to DOGE in exchange for goods and services.
At the time of writing, Dogecoin ranks 30th by market capitalization. With a market cap of $314 265 406 USD and circulating supply of 124 454 164 575 DOGE, a single DOGE is worth $0,002525 USD (according to CoinMarketCap).

Amaze DOGE Wallets

An official wallet is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. If you prefer multi-currency software wallets, we recommend Exodus or Trust Wallet. 
Still, the safest alternative is a cold wallet. Among the hardware wallets that support DOGE are Trezor (One and Model T) and Ledger (Nano S and Nano X). 
Did you know that the exchanges in Exodus and Trezor apps will be processed by ChangeHero? That’s how you know you’ll get the best rate and quick swaps.

Excite: What’s in Store for Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has been around for long enough to reach maturity. Despite the facade of not being a serious coin, its developers treat it as such anyway, which is vital to keep it running to this day and beyond.

Ross Nicoll, Dogecoin developer
Source: Ross Nicoll on github

In an interview, one of the core developers, Ross Nicoll hints at a possibility of an Ethereum-Dogecoin bridge in the future. For now, the core team is more busy with keeping Dogecoin in sync with Bitcoin and potentially implementing merged mining and SegWit, as well as raising adoption of DOGE by increasing the number of ways it can be accessed.

Conclusion: Wow.

Dogecoin is a solid project that is supported by its awesome community that is pretty light-hearted and friendly about using the coin, and is certainly very welcoming! Doge may now be an old meme for some, but neither it nor Dogecoin lost what made them appealing in the first place. The community may joke now and then about the Moon, but they are quite serious about supporting this fantastic project.
We support Dogecoin as well, so you can exchange it with any other cryptocurrency on our website. You can get it hassle-free, easily and quickly!
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