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September 12, 2020

Lisk block reward halving is just around the corner! Halvings have the reputation of price influencing events, so the interest in the future price of LSK is at an all-time high! ChangeHero collected top Lisk price predictions for 2020 and a few years ahead, and we’ll even give you a hint on how to buy […]

Lisk Price Predictions for 2020 and 2025

Lisk block reward halving is just around the corner! Halvings have the reputation of price influencing events, so the interest in the future price of LSK is at an all-time high! ChangeHero collected top Lisk price predictions for 2020 and a few years ahead, and we’ll even give you a hint on how to buy Lisk. Enjoy!

What is Lisk and LSK?

Lisk blockchain

The problem with blockchain application development was in that blockchain platforms like Ethereum use obscure programming languages. Lisk is a platform for the development of blockchain applications, written in Javascript. Lisk has an original SDK (Software Development Kit) designed to onboard developers to the ecosystem in the most convenient way possible. LSK is the platform’s native token, the role of which is to serve as a bridge between the native tokens of the apps. While each app is supposed to use its own token, these tokens can be exchanged to LSK and to another token later to use in another app.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lisk platform and LSK, we encourage you to read our comprehensive Beginner’s Guide on this project! In this article, we will be focusing on LSK price movements and Lisk price predictions.

LSK Price History


lisk price in 2016-2018
Source: CoinMarketCap

In 2016, Lisk developers held an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and raised about $6 million dollars while distributing 85 million LSK. This makes the starting price of a Lisk token about $0.07. As soon as it hit exchanges, it rose to $7 momentarily. However, after the initial hype died down, so did the price of LSK. From May, 2016 to May, 2017 it has been trading for approximately $0.2–0.3. Only in mid-2017 it started to grow, just like Bitcoin and the rest of the market at that time. From $1.30 in June it grew to $9 in December, and at the start of 2018 suddenly jumped to double digits. Its current ATH of $39.31 was reached on January 7, 2018. Unlike many other currencies, LSK lingered on this level a bit longer, boosted by a listing on BitFlyer. Aside from that, the correction still got to it, and 2018 ended for Lisk worth $1.30 a coin.


Lisk Price in 2019-2020
Source: CoinMarketCap

The continuing “crypto winter” for Lisk meant that the price would not fly as high. Roughly one half of 2019 was more or less characterised by an uptrend, when the price climbed to $2.20. But from there on and until the very start of 2020, Lisk price had been in a downtrend. It got as low as $0.5 in December, but bounced back up in January, 2020: Tokyo-based Coincheck announced Lisk staking. However, under the influences outside the market, it sank back down by March. Since March, it has been climbing back up slowly but surely, and the price even followed the bitcoin movements in August. At the moment of writing, LSK’s price is $1.36, its market capitalization is $170,749,010, and the circulating supply is 125,651,534 LSK.

But don’t hurry to an exchange to buy LSK just yet. Read the article until the end to learn all pros and cons and how to buy Lisk more quickly and easily.

What can influence the price of LSK?

Project Development

Lisk, as many other blockchain projects, is still in ongoing development. For instance, the interoperability features that LSK is supposed to carry out, are not yet on the main chain. This is why each Developer Call attracts investors’ attention and was even said to contribute to driving the price up the last time in mid-August. This works both ways, as the delays in network update and rebranding in 2017 drove the price down.


Lisk’s value proposition is the same as with many other projects: a distributed computing platform. Aside from Ethereum, other projects with the same value proposition include NEO, EOS, Cardano, TRON and Tezos. With the exception of NEO, they also operate on the Delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm. To compete with them, Lisk has to offer other advantages other than a SDK. Right now, the community is working on making the network sound to be used as a monetization channel by making it resistant to forking and introducing a way to reverse transactions.


Lisk is built to be user and developer-friendly with the goal of a widespread adoption in the future. This sets this project apart from its competitors, since Lisk is more accessible. The apps that can be developed on the Lisk blockchain are various, from bike renting service to event planning application. Covering these day-to-day use cases certainly helps to grow the ecosystem, and Lisk Foundation has the Builders Program to give out grants for developers.

Now that we know some fundamentals, let’s have a look at some news, price analyses and Lisk price predictions.

Halving (Block Reward Reduction)

Projected to happen in late September, this event will reduce the reward for producing a block from 2 LSK to 1 LSK. This time around, nicknaming it halving is actually appropriate! From there on, the issuance rate of LSK will always be 1 coin per block. In theory, reducing supply inflation should have a positive impact on the price, provided the same level of demand persists. In an irrational market, when sentiment also has influence on the price, reward reduction can even cause price increase since halvings are generally considered to be bullish events.

LSK News on Twitter

Influencer John Morgan shared the news from The Currency Analytics media outlet. It outlines the activity of the community in the Lisk ecosystem: new Proof-of-Concept for automatic on-chain payments, new address system and ID formats and the Lisk financial quarterly update.

Update by the trader Gokhan Gark: while the price failed to overcome a resistance level of 0.0001646 BTC he has mentioned before, he shifts his attention to the support which he estimated to be 0.0001202 BTC. Support and resistance levels indicate the price range when traders usually expect the price to change direction.

Twitter user Nuse expects LSK to keep quiet for now. This is very unlike the holders who are impatient for a pump!

Trader Patterns Wizard shows that the LSKBTC chart has formed a Hikkake pattern. What does it mean? Hikkake pattern consists of a move in one direction, quick reversal, and prolonged move in the opposite direction. Though a bullish variation is observed more frequently, this time this signal is actually bearish, in their opinion.

Buy or Sell LSK?

Trader Crypto Ankit suggests that the price of LSK is now in the buying zone, as the chart broke out of the pattern and stepped over their first target.

Buy and Sell Lisk signals charts
Source: TradingView

However, according to the data from TradingView, selling signals are more prevalent in Lisk. Oscillators like the momentum indicator (comparison with the price from a number of periods ago) and moving average convergence/divergence (indicator that plots the differences in two separate moving averages (MA) and their exponential MAs) suggest bullish movements, but most moving averages signal selling activity.

Lisk Price predictions for 2020

LSK Forecast from weslad: 0.0004054 BTC

LSK price prediction by a TradingView
Source: weslad on TradingView

TradingView user weslad suggested the following idea for LSK price prediction: the chart is breaking out of the accumulation zone between 0.0001233 BTC and in the next few months Lisk will surge 100–250%. In 2020, the Lisk price was forming a falling wedge (magenta lines), from which the price is going to break out as well, and an even larger picture draws an ascending channel (parallel black lines on the chart). The highest target they suggest will be reached by December is at 0.000454 BTC. Lisk prediction: $4.495

LSK forecast for 2020.
Source: Gov.Capital blog’s Lisk prediction projects a repetition of 2018 movements on a smaller scale. In December the price would multiply by three to four times, and at the year’s close it will be $4.495.

Crypto Rating’s LSK Price Prediction: $2

1-day LSKUSDT chart.
Source: Crypto Rating

The Lisk price analysis by Crypto Trading experts suggests that it might expect a retracement soon. However, a daily chart shows bullish signals, as the chart stays in the upper half of  Bollinger Bands (momentum indicator that is plotted away from simple moving averages by standard deviations (up and down)) (green cloud). All in all, the levels when a trend will settle are defined as a $1.6 support and a $2 target/resistance.

Lisk Price Predictions for 2021-2024

A LSK prediction for a few years in advance is a more complicated matter. These kinds of forecasts are usually done with the help of an algorithm that analyses historical data and some technical indicators, but these do not take into account any outside factors. With this in mind, let’s see what LSK prediction each resource gives.

Previsioni Bitcoin Lisk Price Predictions for 2021 and 2022

LSK price prediction for 2021
Source: Previsioni Bitcoin

According to this Lisk forecast, in 2021 Lisk price will grow with some minor dips along the way. Over the course of the year, it will almost triple, having started it at $6.18189 and finishing it at $17.42169 on average. The next year, though, will not be profitable for Lisk holders. In the same Lisk prediction for 2022, it will start the year at $13.14414 and finish it down 28%, at $10.25214.

TradingBeasts Lisk Price Predictions for 2021–2023

TradingBeasts forecast Lisk will be trading sideways in 2021. The price range is expected to be between $1.70 and $1.66 with a downward bias. Having finished 2021 at $1.65, the LSK price will see the continuing downtrend in the same way. 2023 will start with LSK at $1.57 on average and finish only slightly higher, at the average price of $1.68.

WalletInvestor Lisk Price Predictions for 2021–2024

WalletInvestor has the most bearish LSK price prediction of all the sources. They evaluate Lisk as  a high-risk long-term investment.

By December 2021, LSK will be worth less than a dollar, and only momentarily will pump, making the closing price of the token $5.204. The same pattern is projected in 2022, but this time the end-of-year pump will boost the price to only $4.321. By the end of 2023, the closing price will be $2.462 and in a year, barely higher than that — only $2.499.

Lisk Price predictions for 2025

The case for the LSK price predictions five years in advance is almost the same as with the previous Lisk forecasts. However, individual experts are more willing to give LSK forecasts of the price in five years, just because it is a more or less round number.

Cryptoground Lisk Price Prediction: $31.9603

Lisk Price Prediction for 2025.
Source: CryptoGround

CryptoGround assesses Lisk as a profitable long-term investment for the period longer than 5+ years. As per the Lisk forecast and algorithmic analysis, the price of 1 LSK will be around $31.9603 in 2025.

Digital Coin Price LSK Forecast: $7.02

In the Lisk prediction by Digital Coin Price, 2025 will be the year that will finally bring profit to the Lisk holders. Albeit, not without times of volatility — the average price of LSK in November will dip to $1.84 — Lisk will be trading within the range of $5.86 and $7.02 in 2025.

Captain Altcoin Lisk Price Prediction: $150 (or zero)

Philipp Traugott is pessimistic about the future of Lisk, especially so far ahead. In his opinion, the team behind the project is incompetent, as they keep postponing releases and miss their deadlines. Besides, in his words, Lisk already lost not only to Ethereum which had the first mover advantage, but also to EOS and TRON, which promoted themselves more successfully and gained a larger user base. If Lisk pulls through these five years, we can expect it to be worth more $150. However, he is still sceptical about this LSK forecast.

Lisk Price Prediction for 2030

In the scale of the cryptocurrency market, Lisk is a fairly recent project. And on an even larger scale, the whole crypto market is a recent economic phenomenon, so it is fairly hard to make a LSK prediction for a decade ahead. Besides, it is also impossible to predict the global events that can influence the crypto market. If Lisk completes the interoperability architecture and finds adoption with blockchain application developers, they have a good chance of finding a profitable niche on the market and in the economy. However, in the worst case scenario, should the developers abandon the project, its survival would depend on the community, and it’s uncertain if they will manage to keep it afloat.

ChangeHero Lisk Price Prediction

First we will summarize the experts’ Lisk price predictions, and then come up with a Lisk forecast of our own.

[table id=5 /]

In 2020, Lisk still has room to grow. It might not break its ATH record, but most LSK predictions say it can go well over $4;From this info, we can say that:

  • Not many experts expect Lisk to leave its current price range within the next few years. We can expect the price to be somewhere between the current price and its current ATH;
  • In five years from now, given that Lisk finds adoption and the whole crypto market grows, it can reclaim the previous ATH and even multiply by as much as hundred times. Beyond that, though, it is impossible to predict.

How to buy Lisk on ChangeHero

Need a reminder on how to buy Lisk? Getting it is easy with ChangeHero. You can do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your LSK wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
  2. Double-check the provided information, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Send in a single transaction the sum of cryptocurrency you will be exchanging. For  Fixed Rate transactions you have 15 minutes before it expires;
  4. From here on, you won’t need to do anything. At this step we are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your LSK is on the way to your wallet. And so, the transaction is finished!

Remember that you can reach our support in the chat or through the email: [email protected].


Lisk may not be in its heyday at the moment, but everything goes through ups and downs. Besides, most analyses do not take external occurrences like halvings or economic influence in account, so the influence of these events might become a welcome surprise for investors. In case you would need to get LSK, you know that you can do it with the best rates on ChangeHero! And to stay tuned to our updates on our blog, give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and in Telegram.

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This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investitions in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

Author: changehero
August 18, 2020

В блокчейн-индустрии существует множество различных технологий, которые могут упростить жизнь. Среди них особо выделяются проекты, которые реализованы для разработки децентрализованных приложений (например, Ethereum). Сегодня мы расскажем вам о менее популярной, но не менее перспективной блокчейн-платформе Lisk: объясним, что такое Lisk, ее нативный токен LSK и как купить и продать его.  Что такое LISK? Lisk (LSK) […]

что такое lisk баннер

В блокчейн-индустрии существует множество различных технологий, которые могут упростить жизнь. Среди них особо выделяются проекты, которые реализованы для разработки децентрализованных приложений (например, Ethereum). Сегодня мы расскажем вам о менее популярной, но не менее перспективной блокчейн-платформе Lisk: объясним, что такое Lisk, ее нативный токен LSK и как купить и продать его. 

Что такое LISK?

Lisk (LSK) был основан в январе 2016 года, и представляет собой проект с открытым исходным кодом, ориентированный на доступность технологии блокчейнов. Экосистема Lisk предлагает пользователю возможность извлечь выгоду из технологии блокчейн с помощью инструментов разработчика и криптовалютных кошельков.

критовалюта lisk
Логотип Lisk. Источник: BitcoinWiki

История создания и команда

Проект Lisk основан в январе 2016 компанией Lisk, которая находится в городе Цуг, Швейцария. ICO (первичная продажа токенов) проекта проходила в течение месяца, с февраля по март 2016 года — удалось собрать 6$ млн.  Миссия команды — создать надежную и доступную экосистему инструментов разработчика и пользовательских интерфейсов для Lisk. 
Создатель — Макс Кордек, впервые прочитал о технологии блокчейн в конце 2012 года и сразу осознал ее огромный потенциал. Как говорится на официальном сайте, “с помощью блокчейна он хочет превратить вымысел в реальность”. Вся команда состоит из 27 человек, познакомиться с ними ближе можно по ссылке.

Главные особенности Lisk

Lisk фокусируется на пользовательском опыте, поддержке разработчиков и подробной документации. SDK (набор средств для разработки) Lisk написан на JavaScript, чтобы позволить разработчикам легко создавать приложения на блокчейне Lisk и даже развертывать свои собственные сайдчейны (метод разделения блокчейнов, при котором создаются параллельные главной настраиваемые цепи блоков), связанные с сетью Lisk. Платформа Lisk работает на токенах LSK и в рамках модели консенсуса Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), чтобы обеспечить безопасность ее сети демократически избранными делегатами.
У Lisk существует “приложение разработчика” — Lisk SDK. Оно полностью написано на языках JavaScript и TypeScript. Если вас интересует документация, можете ознакомиться с ней здесь. Сообщество Lisk работает над несколькими децентрализованными  блокчейн-приложениями, разработанными с помощью Lisk SDK:

  • Lisk Roulette — игра в рулетку;
  • Lisk Global Data Chain — глобальная база данных;
  • Chronicler — архив для хранения и проверки веб-сайтов;
  • Lisk Inviter — проверка и контроль участников мероприятия.

Что такое LSK?

LSK  — криптовалюта, нативный токен платформы Lisk, используемый для оплаты комиссий за транзакции. Первоначально было распределено 100,000,000 LSK. Вознаграждение за найденный блок начиналось с 5 LSK, и с каждым годом сокращается на 1. Сегодня блокчейн Lisk распределяет вознаграждение за блок в размере 2 LSK, и в октябре 2020 года оно изменится на окончательное вознаграждение за блок в размере 1 LSK, на котором оно останется навсегда.

график изменения курса lisk lsk
История изменения курса LSK. Источник: CoinMarketCap

В ходе проведения ICO удалось реализовать большую часть из 100 млн токенов. Схема распределения активов выглядит следующим образом:

  • Инвесторы — 85%;
  • Разработчики — 8%;
  • Реклама и bounty-программы — 4 %;
  • Партнеры проекта — 2%;

Остаток средств был пожертвован на благотворительность. Платформа Lisk стала полноценно функционировать в мае 2016.
Спустя месяц после старта, криптовалюта Lisk выросла в цене в несколько раз — с 0,6$ до 4,2$. К несчастью, практически сразу токен LSK подешевел до 0,3$. Долгое время проект Lisk оставался в тени Ethereum, и даже взлет стоимости LSK в 2017 году приписывают тому, что популярность Ethereum породила интерес к dApps-платформам.
На момент написания статьи криптовалюта LSK стоит 1,80$, находясь на 60 месте в рейтинге CoinMarketCap. Показатели рыночной капитализации — 225 658 807$.
Максимальной стоимости токен LSK достиг 7 января 2018 года — 39,31$, а минимальной — 2 марта 2017 года — 0,095652$.

Сравнение с другими проектами

Криптовалюту LSK можно сравнить с другими похожими проектами, например EOS — децентрализованной платформы с поддержкой смарт-контрактов для создания децентрализованных приложений. Популярность EOS выше, чем у Lisk, по нескольким причинам: 

  • во главе разработчиков на момент запуска ICO стоял уже успешный Ден Лаример;
  • поклонники EOS считают ее точной копией Ethereum при большей масштабируемости;
  • на стадии разработки блокчейн EOS уже использовали Bitfinex, Bancor и другие.

Таким образом, схожие проекты во многом обходят Lisk потому, что имеют большую популярность и поддержку. Помимо этого, EOS и Lisk программируются при помощи разных языков — C++ и JavaScript соответственно. 
Lisk стремится к тому, чтобы снизить нагрузку на сеть и упростить вход в экосистему потенциальным разработчикам, в то время как EOS усиленно работает над масштабируемостью. Подход команды Lisk более прагматичный: если дать возможность работать большому количеству энтузиастов, они смогут усовершенствовать проект.

Планы на будущее

Сейчас команда Lisk планирует модифицировать протокол сети, чтобы:

  • сделать блоки финальными, что позволит избежать расщеплений цепи блоков и уберет необходимость ждать определенного количества подтверждений; 
  • добавить функцию аннулирования транзакции — это позволит избежать мошенничества и ошибки при переводе;
  • а также заменить систему идентификатора блока и транзакций.
    lisk встреча сообщества

Ознакомиться с полной версией дорожной карты проекта Lisk можно на официальном сайте. Там же находятся ранее выполненные цели и задачи, а также техническая документация проекта.

Соцсети и сообщество

Сообщество Lisk обсуждает валюту в своих социальных сетях:

Больше всего сообщений приходится на Твиттер, в котором зачастую обсуждают цену криптовалюты Lisk. Криптовалютный аналитик @Bromadicclub говорит о приближении Lisk к уровню сопротивления:

#LISK — снова рискуем — #LSKBTC”.
Пользователь @Cryptossio, также, считает, что криптовалюта LSK имеет высокие шансы подняться в цене:

lisk твиттер
“#LSK #LISK – Куда? На луну, пожалуйста”.

Его позицию разделяет и криптовалютный трейдер @GuruVedas он считает, что все показатели говорят о серьезном росте криптовалюты LSK:
lisk твиттер
“#LSK Потенциал роста составляет 20-40%!  Приближение бычьего пересечения линий схождения/расхождения скользящих средних Индекс относительной силы растет  Хорошие объемы Терпение – ключ к успеху!”.

Как купить LSK?

Если вы опытный пользователь, приобрести LSK вы можете на специальной бирже, например, Binance. Если вы новичок или не любите покупать криптовалюту на биржах, лучше воспользоваться услугами криптовалютных обменников. 
Обменивайте свою криптовалюту на токены LSK вместе с ChangeHero по лучшему рыночному курсу и с высокой скоростью транзакций. Наши специалисты службы поддержки работают круглосуточно, чтобы всегда быть готовыми помочь вам. Если у вас остались вопросы, можете изучить наше подробное руководство по обмену с ChangeHero.

Где хранить валюту LSK?

Для хранения криптовалюты LSK вам понадобится криптовалютный кошелек. Вы можете выбрать официальный кошелек, выпущенный Lisk — он подходит как для вашего ПК, так и для смартфонов на Android и iOS.
Помимо официального, существуют мультивалютные desktop-кошельки, такие как Atomic Wallet или Exodus. С их помощью можно хранить не только LSK, но и любые другие поддерживаемые валюты. Если для вас важна максимальная безопасность — воспользуйтесь аппаратным кошельком Ledger.
Вы можете обменивать криптовалюту на LSK при помощи ChangeHero прямо внутри электронного кошелька Exodus. Не нужно будет покидать кошелек и переходить на сайт — отличный курс и высокая скорость обмена от ChangeHero прямо у вас в кошельке!

Инструкция по обмену с ChangeHero

Напоминаем, что обмен с ChangeHero очень простой, быстрый и не требует регистрации на платформе:

калькулятор changehero
Окно обмена криптовалюты. Источник: ChangeHero

Обмен криптовалюты на LSK выглядит следующим образом:

  1. Выбирайте точный или лучший курс (подробнее в нашем руководстве), вводите количество токенов и выберите валюту, а затем проверьте итоговую сумму обмена;
  2. Далее, нажмите “Обменять”, введите адрес кошелька и ознакомьтесь с деталями обмена;
  3. Проверьте все введенные данные на следующем этапе, подтвердите и ожидайте окончания обмена.

Что такое Lisk: заключение

Теперь вы знаете, что такое Lisk. Криптовалюта Lisk — интересный проект, которые занимается развитием важной составляющей крипто рынка — разработкой dApps. Его будущее во многом в руках сообщества, так как только с их помощью возможно привлечь инвестиции и дать Lisk толчок. 
Оставайтесь с ChangeHero чтобы всегда быть в курсе об изменениях в Lisk. Подписывайтесь на нас ВКонтакте и Твиттере и получайте всегда актуальные и важные новости криптосообщества. Если вы хотите узнать больше информации о криптовалютах и блокчейне, читайте наш блог! Мы регулярно публикуем интересные и информативные статьи.

Author: changehero
August 14, 2020

It is widely admitted that blockchain technology has a great disruption potential. It also has an extremely high threshold of entry, because it uses specific programming languages. Lisk answers the question: what if a blockchain network used one of the most popular and accessible programming languages instead. We have prepared a deep dive into the […]

What is Lisk? Lisk Tutorial by ChangeHero

It is widely admitted that blockchain technology has a great disruption potential. It also has an extremely high threshold of entry, because it uses specific programming languages. Lisk answers the question: what if a blockchain network used one of the most popular and accessible programming languages instead. We have prepared a deep dive into the specifics of Lisk and everything from the most recent LSK news to how to buy Lisk and how to exchange Lisk – in this Lisk tutorial.

What is Lisk?

Lisk logo
Source: Lisk

Lisk is an open-sourced blockchain platform. Its main purpose is to be accessible for developers, since it is created specifically for building decentralized blockchain-based applications in JavaScript, a very popular and widely used programming language. They aim to empower developers with a software development kit for blockchain applications (Lisk SDK). Further down the line, the apps that are created with Lisk SDK will operate with each other seamlessly.

Each blockchain application built on Lisk is actually using a sidechain of their own, and the platform provides security and interoperability between them. Thanks to the sidechains, the network will not be congested, is scalable and flexible.

How did the Lisk project begin?

Lisk is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.

Later they were joined by Guido Schmitz-Krummacher (Legal, Financials) and the three would form the backbone of Lisk Foundation.

Before starting their own enterprise, Kordek and Beddows were working on another cryptocurrency project, Crypti (CRX). After a year and a half, they left because they decided it is not moving in the right direction. They created Lisk as a fork of Crypti and went fully open-source. How else are the two different, we cover later in this Lisk tutorial.

Max Kordek founded Lisk while still at university, and by that time he had already had the experience with cryptocurrencies by contributing to Litecoin and Nxt projects. By the time of joining Kordek, Oliver Beddows had 15 years of full-stack development experience from various e-commerce projects. 

The mainnet launch happened on May 24, 2016.

How does Lisk work?

Official illustration for Lisk City
Source: Lisk

Lisk developers use a vibrant metaphor to describe the ecosystem: Lisk City. In it, the main chain is the main road, the houses and buildings are apps and sidechains are side roads that connect buildings with the main road. The Lisk SDK (Sidechain Development Kit) in this metaphor would be the blueprint with which houses-apps are built.

The problem of network scalability in Lisk is solved by sidechains. Though each sidechain is unique, they all are equally dependent on the main blockchain. The transactions related to any app are processed by its sidechain, so there is not much load on the main chain.

Lisk blockchain uses the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus and voting algorithm. Abbreviated as DPoS, it is an algorithm in which new blocks on the chain are produced by nodes that have the largest stake which guarantees their fair behavior, and the participants can contribute to that stake for a reward. There are 101 delegates which forge the new units of LSK in random order in rounds. To secure the work of a blockchain application on a sidechain, the developer is free to choose their own set of 101 validators.

What are the special features of Lisk?

Lisk SDK comes with a variety of tools:

  • Lisk Core: a tool for advanced technical users looking to build on top of the Lisk Platform, securing the network infrastructure or attain delegate forging access.
  • Lisk Nano is a light version of the Core tool, which can mostly be used instead of a wallet: send and receive transactions with LSK or delegate a vote (and receive a reward for it). We’ll cover more options for LSK wallets near the end of this guide;
  • Lisk JS is a JavaScript library for developing with the SDK. It does not require a Lisk node and can rely on peers;
  • Lisky is a back-end command tool which allows the user to communicate with a remote or local node and carry out Lisk-related functionality.

What is LSK?

Lisk (LSK) is the name of the network’s native utility token. It is used to pay for transaction fees on the Lisk blockchain, which prevents spam in the network.

It is minted by the delegates through a process called forging. With a new block, roughly every 10 seconds, 1 LSK is created. Forging is different from other minting processes because the delegates are producing new blocks in turns in a random order that is renewed every round. A round ends when every of 101 delegates has approved a block. 

LSK was launched in March 2016 by an ICO (Initial Coin Offering, pre-sale to early investors at a special price). In the ICO 100 million, LSK were distributed. 85 million were distributed to participants and 7.8 million went to the team. The remainder went to advisors and for pre-ICO participants.

LSK price in 2016 - 2020
Source: CoinMarketCap

LSK had a successful ICO launch for the time, raising 14 thousand BTC and about 80% of all the supply of CRX (which was also the option, since LSK forked from it). At the time, it was a second-best ICO launch, though WAVES and the DAO would surpass it a few months later.

At the start, LSK was quite popular but eventually lost its value at the market. By the start of 2017, it was scraping against its all-time low ($0.095652). In little less than a year, though, the rally took it up to its all-time high ($39.31 on January 7, 2018). Market-wide correction brought the price levels back, and while LSK generally followed the trends in Bitcoin, the price has not exceeded $2 since 2019.

At the moment of writing this Lisk tutorial, LSK is traded at $1.80, its circulating supply is at 125,202,310 LSK and the market capitalization is $225,321,615 (rank #60 on CoinMarketCap).

If you want to know how to buy LSK or how to exchange LSK, read on – we covered this closer to the end of the Lisk tutorial.

Is Lisk controversial?

Lisk has been criticized for its rough start. Even before the launch, Kordek and Beddows left the Crypti team without any warning, which caused the CRX price to drop. Lisk’s ICO was also, reportedly, far from smooth sailing for some users. The mainnet launch was delayed for almost two months.

From there on, however, things have stabilized, and the project kept on developing, having overcome the initial rough patch.

What is the future of Lisk?

Lisk Roadmap guy
Source: Lisk

Tech updates

Lisk even in 2020 has a robust roadmap. In the future, they are planning to make the network more scalable and introduce block finality (a mechanism that guarantees that the transactions cannot be altered or reversed after they are completed. Also, it prevents hard forks and chain splits by approving only one block candidate at all times, like in Algorand). Static 0.1 LSK fees will be replaced with a dynamic fee system. For the sake of security of the network, the renewed voting system will encourage more network participants to delegate votes and create competition for the delegate role. Finally, one of the main and largest developments will introduce interoperability between sidechains and the main chain for LSK token. With these changes, Lisk will gain more competitive advantage and become more attractive for developers who want to monetize their apps.

More developers and apps

Lisk is already used in a variety of blockchain apps, like Bdonor for fundraising, Lisk DEX (decentralized exchange) or Lisk Supply Chain (an Internet-of-Things app for controlling supply chains). The company has a Builders Program, which gives grants to developers who build with Lisk SDK, and the apps of participants of the program include Chronicler (a decentralized archive) and Lisk Bike (decentralized marketplace for bike sharing). As more apps are being developed on the chain, its value will certainly grow.

For that reason, it is a good idea to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to buy Lisk and how to exchange Lisk – keep reading to find out!

How is Lisk different from other DPoS currencies?

How is Lisk different from EOS?

EOS is another popular DPoS chain that can be used for the development of blockchain applications. However, the two systems operate on very different premises:

  • EOS does not have any transaction fees;
  • EOS uses smart contracts, and smart contracts are written in specific languages. Lisk relies on less complex structures – modules written in JS;
  • There are only 21 validators in EOS, which have to be approved by (the company governing EOS).

How is Lisk different from Crypti?

There are a lot of similarities between LSK and CRX, but the differences are more than enough to justify the fork. There are some more technical changes, for example, the transition from SQLite (code-embedded database management system) to PostgreSQL (open-source advanced alternative). More importantly, Lisk is completely open-source, unlike Crypti. This was actually the reason the developers decided to fork the project, and despite the opposition from the majority of the Crypti community, Lisk managed to convince some part of it to change sides. The latter is still active and is being developed, while the former seems to be abandoned at this point.

LSK News from Twitter

The official account of Lisk is the go-to follow to regularly receive updates on Lisk ecosystem and LSK news. Their most recent addition to the variety of dApps built with Lisk SDK is a decentralized marketplace for freelancers called Collabolancer. The developers received a grant from Lisk as a participant of their Builders Program. Best of luck to the developers!

Trader account Crypto Chartist seems to have predicted the breakout that happened recently. Lisk seems to be moving rather confidently to the $2 support level they point to.

CryptoCarbonara, a Lisk-focused development team, has updated the Lisk explorer just the other day. The tracking of scam wallets is a valuable feature that might help a lot of newcomers!

How to buy LSK?

So, having read this Lisk tutorial, you decided to get some Lisk. You can get it on ChangeHero at the most competitive rates with any other cryptocurrency from our long list. We made sure that the experience will be easy and secure, and if anything goes wrong you can get help from our support specialists at any time of the day.

How to store Lisk?

In addition to the Lisk Nano already mentioned in this Lisk tutorial, there are also a few Lisk-specific wallets like Lisk Hub and Freewallet, and, of course, Lisk Core for advanced users.

For hardware storage of Lisk, users can choose Ledger devices or a paper wallet.

Many multi-currency wallets like Atomic, Guarda and Exodus also have support of Lisk currency. In Exodus, you can use the exchange option provided by ChangeHero right in the app to swap crypto with Lisk.

How to exchange LSK?

A Lisk tutorial will be incomplete without an instruction on how to get it. If you want to exchange your crypto to LSK and need a refresher on how exchanging with ChangeHero works, we’re here to help:

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your LSK wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
  2. Double-check the provided information, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Send in a single transaction the sum of cryptocurrency you will be exchanging. For Fixed Rate transactions you have 10 minutes before it expires;
  4. From here on, you won’t need to do anything. At this step we are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your LSK is on the way to your wallet. And so, the transaction is finished!

Remember that you can reach our support in the chat or through the email: [email protected].


Lisk proves by the example that blockchain does not have to be complicated. The community does well in keeping their hand on the pulse of the news Lisk roll out, and the whole project looks healthy. A recent surge in LSK price will surely attract more eyes to it!

We hope this Lisk tutorial helped you understand it, where its value comes from, what the most recent Lisk news are, how to buy LSK and how to exchange LSK. If there is anything else you wanted to know, ask your fellow crypto community members in the comments of our blog or in the social media pages curated by ChangeHero: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.

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