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March 19, 2021

OMG Network is one of the most popular and prominent currently operational Ethereum scaling solutions. Today we are joined by John Keh, Chief Marketing Officer of Genesis Block Ventures to talk about OMG Network. Hear first-hand how the Layer-2 works and helps Ethereum users, and his thoughts on the crypto space and its future. ChangeHero: […]

Interview with John Keh

OMG Network is one of the most popular and prominent currently operational Ethereum scaling solutions. Today we are joined by John Keh, Chief Marketing Officer of Genesis Block Ventures to talk about OMG Network. Hear first-hand how the Layer-2 works and helps Ethereum users, and his thoughts on the crypto space and its future.

ChangeHero: What caused the rebranding from OmiseGo to OMG Network?

John Keh: The launch of the OMG Network mainnet in July 2020 prompted the change from OmiseGO to OMG Network.


ChangeHero: How did you get into crypto?

John Keh: In 2011, I was on 4chan and I read about this new digital currency called Bitcoin in a cryptography forum. My interest didn’t really take hold until the 2017 ICO boom when I made my first trade.

ChangeHero: What were you doing before joining crypto?

John Keh: I ran a Boston / Hong Kong digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, SEM, and content production.

ChangeHero: When and who introduced you to crypto? Did you directly enter into Ethereum or were you in the Bitcoin community?

John Keh: I was introduced to Bitcoin by my older brother, who shared the posts on 4chan with me about Bitcoin. So I’d say I gravitated to the Bitcoin cryptography community on 4chan first. However, the first crypto I purchased on an exchange was Ethereum.

ChangeHero: Did you face any issues with the Ethereum transactions?

John Keh: Like everyone, my issues with Ethereum transactions are the gas fees!

ChangeHero: How did you join OMG Network?

John Keh: GBV saw the potential in OMG as the only working layer 2 solution (at the time), which is the main reason why we acquired OMG Network. I joined OMG as part of the transition.

Scaling Ethereum

ChangeHero: What does OMG Network fix in Ethereum?

John Keh: The OMG Network is a Layer-2 solution that scales Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum processes 12-14 transactions per second, the OMG Network in comparison processes thousands of transactions per second at a fraction of the cost. It does this by batching transactions and processing them in groups rather than one-by-one.

ChangeHero: Do you think OMG Network will be able to reach the processing speed like the traditional online payment solutions?

John Keh: With some time and development, we feel like OMG Network’s plasma may one day reach higher processing speeds than it currently does.

ChangeHero: What do you think is hampering the adoption of crypto? How is OMG Network fueling the mass adoption?

John Keh: I think crypto-adoption is being stalled by UX. It’s difficult for a beginner to understand all the terms, techniques, and processes to full leverage this new world of finance.

ChangeHero: It was mentioned on the website that using OMG Network will potentially reduce electricity usage by 99% per transaction compared to Ethereum. This is very interesting and helpful to the environment. Could you explain a bit about this?

John Keh: The Proof of Authority (POA) mechanism allows the OMG Network to process more transactions per second, with fewer nodes, while maintaining the security of the Network. These transactions are then batched and submitted to the Ethereum root-chain for validation using Ethereum’s POW consensus.

Think of it like a compression algorithm where we combine many thousands of Layer-2 transactions inside a single transaction on the root-chain with the associated energy cost savings.

This allows the transactions on OMG Network to be cheaper and greener, while still benefiting from the resilience of the POW consensus security-level of the Ethereum network.

ChangeHero: Apart from faster transactions, where can we see the use cases of OMG Network? Could you give us a few examples?

John Keh: The OMG Network can host a suite of dApps on it! For example, our core partners,, have just built Hashcast, a general messaging and communication app that helps users coordinate atomic swaps.

You can find the demo here: OMG Network x Enya (2021) – Hashcast DEMO

ChangeHero: Whom do you see as competitors? What gives OMG Network an advantage over them?

John Keh: We believe Ethereum scaling solutions help the entire ecosystem with price transparency, fairness, and liquidity in the market. Scaling solutions also free up Ethereum to support services predicated on smart contracts. We don’t look at others in the space as competitors since different Layer-2 solutions come with different trade-offs and are built for specific use-cases. However, the OMG Network prides itself on our security, which is based on Ethereum smart contracts, making our network completely trustless.

ChangeHero: Whom do you follow in crypto? Which project do you think is undervalued?

John Keh: N/A

Rapid round

ChangeHero: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

John Keh: Both.

ChangeHero: On-chain scaling or Layer-2 solutions?

John Keh: Layer-2 solutions.

ChangeHero: What do you want to see in Ethereum?

John Keh: Lower fees, faster speeds, and higher TPS.

ChangeHero: What’s your favourite blockchain other than Ethereum?

John Keh: Solana.

In the future

ChangeHero: What are your plans for DeFi?

John Keh: You already know that DeFi is rapidly growing, yet issues such as front-running remain. Our core partner, Enya’s, privacy-preserving technology, combined with OMG’s atomic swaps, can help solve some of these problems. We are also adding features to OMG that will be useful to other dApps, such as a broadcast/subscribe protocol for exchanging messages, cryptographic payloads, and other data to facilitate communications and transactions.

ChangeHero: What are your expectations for Ethereum 2.0? What do you think it’s going to be like?

John Keh: My expectations for Ethereum 2.0 are lower gas fees and transaction speeds. Layer-2 scales alongside Ethereum, so the OMG Network will only get faster and cheaper with the rootchain upgrade!

ChangeHero: Can we expect OMG Network to offer solutions on other blockchains too?

John Keh: We are constantly exploring the potential for OMG Network in various contexts.

ChangeHero: Lastly, what would you suggest to beginners in crypto?

John Keh: It’s important to understand the volatility in Cryptos and to not risk anything that you’re not comfortable losing. Above all else DYOR.

Thank you to John Keh for his insights into the merger and future of OMG! We do hope more partners and use cases emerge for this eco-friendly and efficient plasma network. Keep an eye on our blog and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram) for more OMG-related news in the future!

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March 1, 2021

These days, Ethereum hosts the majority of decentralized finance infrastructure but it has a persistent scalability and fee problem. Second-layer solutions like OMG Network can solve these problems, and Genesis Block Ventures are focusing on DeFi protocol development. In this follow-up article, we will give detailed instructions how to exchange OMG with ChangeHero. What is […]

How to exchange OMG on ChangeHero

These days, Ethereum hosts the majority of decentralized finance infrastructure but it has a persistent scalability and fee problem. Second-layer solutions like OMG Network can solve these problems, and Genesis Block Ventures are focusing on DeFi protocol development. In this follow-up article, we will give detailed instructions how to exchange OMG with ChangeHero.

What is OMG Network?

OMG Network is a protocol which is a second-layer solution to scale Ethereum. Particularly, it is an implementation of Plasma, or sharding. The technology which OMG Network uses is called More Viable Plasma. It processes transactions with a centralized Operator, packs them into blocks and records block hashes on the parallel chain. This way, the network can process about thousands of transactions for the same time it takes Ethereum to process ten.

The parallel chain which has the information about the transactions in OMG Network is called a child chain. A child chain relies on Ethereum’s security guarantees to validate and verify transactions. Compared to a sidechain which relies on its own security mechanisms.

If you need more information, we have an extensive OMG Network guide with everything you need to know about it. Already did your research? Then without further ado, let’s move on to the instructions how to exchange OMG!

How to exchange OMG? Step-by-step Instructions

ChangeHero Homepage

Step one: Go to ChangeHero. In the widget on the home page you can choose currencies, amounts and rates. We want to exchange some TRX for OMG. In this type of exchange, the amount of OMG we get will be the same as when creating the transaction. Hitting “Exchange” will take you to the next step.

Exchange TRX to OMG

Step two: Enter the OMG wallet address. You can edit the amounts, currencies and transaction type at this step, too. We chose Fixed Rate. For Fixed Rate transactions, you will be prompted to enter a refund address. This is for the case a transaction expires before your funds arrive at ChangeHero’s address. Should it happen, your funds will be instantly refunded to the address you put in that field. Hitting “Next” will take you to the third step.

Confirm transaction screen on ChangeHero

Step three: Double-check that you entered the right addresses and picked the right details of a transaction. If you notice a mistake, you can go back by pressing “Edit”. If you want to proceed, read and accept the Terms of Use and KYC Policy, then press “Confirm”.

Processing interface of ChangeHero

Step four: Send the cryptocurrency you are exchanging to the address generated by ChangeHero. Notice the timer: Fixed Rate transactions have a 15-minute limit. There is no such limit for the Best Rate exchanges but the conversion rate is less predictable because of volatility.

Exchanging crypto on ChangeHero

Once you have sent the cryptocurrency, you can relax. We will be tracking the status of your exchange in real time.

Sending exchanged crypto

Once the funds reach the address, exchanging is performed and your OMG are sent to your wallet. All the information like hashes and addresses is displayed for clarity and convenience.

Exchange confirmation screen on ChangeHero

Step five: Exchange completed! The whole process took us only a few minutes and clicks.

There’s your guide to how to exchange OMG in five easy steps! If you have any further questions or something goes awry, our support team can help you. They are available in the chat on the website or by email: [email protected], 24/7.

How to Exchange OMG in Wallets?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to swap OMG without opening a website, though? Well, it is possible in most popular wallet applications. For example, in Exodus apps, on any platform, users can just open the Exchange tab and have their assets swapped.

Where can I buy OMG? How do I sell my OMG? You can do both with your Trezor. Trezor Suite app has the options to easily swap, buy and sell OMG. All this comes with an extra security of a hardware wallet.


How to buy OMG instantly and securely? On ChangeHero: you don’t need to verify or even make an account, and ChangeHero doesn’t keep your funds. A few easy steps and you have a supply of tokens for any DeFi apps coming to the OMG Network.

If you found the instructions helpful, our blog has more educational and informative content. You can subscribe to updates in ChangeHero’s social media: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.

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February 22, 2021

While Ethereum congestion is a flash point in the news, projects like OMG Network can help solve it. Last year the project made news after being acquired by Genesis Block Ventures. What is OMG Network, how does it help Ethereum and what’s in store for the project — in this article! What is OMG Network? […]

What is OMG Network? A Beginner's Guide

While Ethereum congestion is a flash point in the news, projects like OMG Network can help solve it. Last year the project made news after being acquired by Genesis Block Ventures. What is OMG Network, how does it help Ethereum and what’s in store for the project — in this article!

What is OMG Network?

OMG Network logo
Source: OMG Network

OMG Network (previously OmiseGo) is a Layer-2 solution built to scale the Ethereum network. It is non-custodial and lets users transfer ETH and ERC-20 tokens faster and cheaper than on the Ethereum network directly. For example, the OMG Network can process thousands of transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s transaction limit of 10–14 tps. By making the transactions faster and more lightweight, the general cost of operation is decreased as well.

History and Team

OMG Network was founded by Jun Hasegawa and in December, 2020 was acquired by Hong Kong-based OTC trading firm Genesis Block. OMG Network’s objective is to build a financially inclusive and accessible payment rail on the blockchain. The firm also plans to create decentralized finance solutions on the OMG Network.

What does the OMG Network do? Find a detailed recount further in our OMG guide.

How Does the OMG Network Work?

From a technical standpoint, OMG Network is an implementation of Ethereum’s Plasma. It serves as a child chain to the ETH network. The relation between the parent and child chain is governed through smart contracts. The OMG Network uses an iteration of Plasma known as MoreVP (More Viable Plasma).

How does OMG Network work
Source: OMG Network

The OMG Network V1 Mainnet Beta uses the More Viable Plasma specification to increase the processing capacity of Ethereum. MoreVP trustlessly scales ETH and ERC20 transactions by grouping them up and sending them to Ethereum for confirmation. Processing batched transactions enables high throughput and significantly lower-cost transactions for the end-user.

The OMG Network V1 Mainnet Beta relies on the security properties of Ethereum and a decentralized watcher network. Both mechanisms verify and validate every transaction, preventing malicious actors from stealing funds.

The OMG Network is also trustless. Trustless means users can recover their funds even if the OMG Network is inaccessible or fails. This is because your tokens are deposited on Ethereum and never leave it, meaning users can withdraw their funds by directly communicating with the root chain.

Transactions on the OMG Network look like this:

  • Layer one: Ethereum, smart contracts and entry/exit points;
  • Layer two: MoreVP, a child chain that handles transactions and sends blocks to Ethereum for verification;
  • Watcher network: another layer of OMG Network, through which anyone can observe the fairness of operations on the chain.

To send a transaction via OMG Network, you would need to deposit ETH of ERC-20 tokens to the smart contract. This deposit is recognized by both Ethereum and OMG Network, but the following transactions are registered only on the latter. The Operator bundles a transaction with others in a block and sends its hash to Ethereum for validation. When you are done, you can withdraw the assets from the smart contract, even if OMG Network goes offline.

What is the Cryptocurrency OMG Token ?

OMG Network has a native token OMG. Being a Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution, it is logical that OMG is a ERC-20 token. OMG is supposed to be used as a means of transacting within the network. In the original design, OMG acted as a currency-agnostic intermediary for the on-chain DEX. In more recent iterations of the network, it is also used to secure the network by staking.

OMG Price

OMG price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

In ICO held on July 23, 2017, OMG was sold for $0.2283 per token. OMG entered the market during a rally and on January 8, 2018 reached its current ATH: $28.35. In 2018 the cycle shifted into a bear market, and OMG price entered a downtrend which lasted for two years.

In 2020, OMG Network has shown great performance. OMG Network’s time to shine came with the boom of DeFi, when Ethereum network started suffering from congestion.

In 2021, OMG is on the rise but it’s only warming up. What is OMG Network price today? At the moment of writing, OMG Network price is $6.19.

OMG Use cases

A number of vendors online also accept OMG token as a payment. The gateways such as Coinify and CoinGate let merchants accept OMG. 

Comparison with similar tokens

Other Plasma iterations were developed by the Polygon (previously Matic Network) and Gluon teams. What is OMG Network’s difference from these platforms and tokens?

Matic Network utilizes a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, in which chain operators are stakers and delegators. MATIC token also has a role in governance and is wired more to work within the dApp ecosystem.

Gluon’s L2 token is primarily used in staking and governance. Only ~30% of the total supply is in free circulation.

What Is OMG Network Criticized For?

Even Vitalik Buterin is vocally supportive about OMG Network, but you can never please them all.

All Plasma implementations have been criticized for being partially centralized. The sidechain that mirrors Ethereum and handles transactions by design is similar to standard (and centralized) payment processors like Visa. In OMG Network’s case, this design flaw is mitigated by having a decentralized network of watchers controlling the Operator.

What is OMG Network’s Future?

In addition to the Genesis Block Ventures mentioned in this OMG guide, the project keeps securing new partnerships. In the latest OMG Network news, joined OMG Network as a strategic partner. The collaboration will make the dApps on the OMG Network’s Plasma solution even more censorship-resistant and privacy-preserving. 

This news also signals the plans of the platform to build an ecosystem of dApps. Another application OMG Network is researching in 2021 is tokenized loyalty points. With their technology, users and companies can transact freely with tokens representing loyalty points with the security of Ethereum.

Social Media posts

User @macro_diary weighed in on the news about the Genesis Block Ventures acquisition of OMG Network. In their words, the new parent company is the sleeping giant of a growing Asian market.

OMG price charts seem to be quite popular with traders and technical analysts. Here, bull sayler predicts a breakout of the price to $16 in the near future.

The official Twitter account shared some more insights into their new partner, Enya. The background of its founders further proves that OMG Network’s values of decentralization and privacy are still in play.

How to Buy OMG?

Now that we have reviewed all the fundamental features of the project, let’s get to the practical advice of this OMG Guide.

Trading on an exchange comes with the hassle of creating an account and depositing funds into an exchange’s custody. What is the alternative? Use ChangeHero! It’s extremely easy and you can trade OMG against any currency supported by the service. ChangeHero is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, so you won’t have to worry about losing access to your funds or setting up an account.

Which Wallet to Choose for OMG?

In general, ERC-20 tokens are widely supported by many cryptocurrency wallets. We suggest Exodus if you have a diverse crypto portfolio and would like to access it from mobile and PC. In case you need cold storage, Trezor wallets are a sound option. In both cases, you will be able to enjoy hassle-free swaps with ChangeHero right in the wallet applications.

How to exchange OMG Network Crypto?

For your convenience, OMG Network can be bought on ChangeHero in five easy steps:

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
  2. Double-check the provided information, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Send in a single transaction the sum of cryptocurrency you will be exchanging. Fixed Rate transactions have a 15-minute limit;
  4. And now, relax! We are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your OMG are on the way to your wallet. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback if you enjoyed using ChangeHero.

Our support Heroes are available anytime in the chat on our website or through the email: [email protected].

Key Takeaways

  • OMG Network was rebranded in June 2020, previously it was known as OmiseGo. In December, 2020 Genesis Block Ventures started the project acquisition process;
  • OMG Network is a Plasma implementation, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The solution developed for the project is called MoreVP. It is a child chain that processes  transactions in batches and refers them back to smart contracts on the parent chain (Ethereum) for validation;
  • The native OMG Network crypto, OMG token can be used as a means of payment;
  • In 2021, OMG Network plans to venture into DeFi, develop a dApp ecosystem and further explore tokenized assets. The year started with the news about a strategic partnership with Enya, a computer security company.


What OMG Network is doing is vital and useful not only for their partners or users. Scaling Ethereum today is as crucial as ever, when the DeFi is rapidly growing. Protocols like OMG Network prove that there is no need to wait for years until the update to Ethereum itself.

Did you find this OMG Guide for Beginners useful? Share it with your friends on social media: we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram. Check out more educational content on all things crypto in our blog!

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August 31, 2020

OMG Network now goes by OMG Foundation, and OMGX became Boba Network. What does it mean for OMG holders? In this article ChangeHero will round up relevant OMG news and give you ideas about OMG price prediction 2021 and beyond. OMG Price Prediction 2021–2030 [table id=47 /] This year, realistically the price can rise to […]

OMG Network Price Prediction 2021, 2025 and 2030

OMG Network now goes by OMG Foundation, and OMGX became Boba Network. What does it mean for OMG holders? In this article ChangeHero will round up relevant OMG news and give you ideas about OMG price prediction 2021 and beyond.

OMG Price Prediction 2021–2030

[table id=47 /]

  • This year, realistically the price can rise to $17.42. An optimistic OMG price prediction 2021 would put it above the current ATH;
  • OMG price prediction 2022 is more realistic, considering that after the airdrop of BOBA tokens OMG can see a sell-off. Projections predict OMG going down to $13.91;
  • For long term predictions, such as for 2025, experts give very varying targets. OMG can be worth anywhere between $15 and 150;
  • In 2030, the crypto market will be dramatically different from what it is now. If we are to assume OMG stands the test of time, it can be worth hundred times more than what it is worth now, near $400.

What are OMG Network and OMG?

OMG logo
Source: OMG Foundation on Medium

OMG Network is a payment system built on the complimentary Ethereum layer. It sports the security of Ethereum and the speed and throughput of Plasma (Ethereum layer-two solution that lets transactions be processed off the main chain).
Previously known as OmiseGO, the project is an undertaking of a large South-East Asian payment processing company, Omise. However, in 2020, the project was rebranded as OMG Network in time with the long-awaited mainnet launch.
In 2021, OMG Network and AI startup Enya struck a strategic partnership. Enya started working on OMGX, an alternative scaling solution for Ethereum on Optimism.
Fast forward to late 2021, and OMGX now is known as Boba Network, an easy-to-build L2 which incentivizes users. Boba built on OMG Network’s Plasma for faster on- and off-ramping.
You can read all the essential info on OMG Network (now OMG Foundation!) in our Beginner’s Guide.

OMG Price History

OMG Price in 2017-2018

omg price history
Source: CoinMarketCap

OmiseGO entered the scene in mid-2017, during very turbulent times for the market. It was experiencing an incoming flow of investitions and an avalanche-like growth in the number of projects.
On January 8, 2018 OMG reached its ATH of $28.35. Later in 2018, following the market trends, OMG spiked two more times, but did not reach the early 2018 high. The second half of 2018 for OMG was characterized by a downtrend which took the price down 95% from the ATH.

OMG Price in 2019-2020

omg price history
Source: CoinMarketCap

Crypto-winter of 2019 was not too kind to the OMG price, bringing it to a $1 level on average. In summer of 2019, the price rebounded above $2, but the rest of the year was accompanied by a downtrend.
In June, 2020 OmiseGO rebranded the project to OMG Network and launched the mainnet. Not long before, the price doubled to $1.88.
The local high was reached after the news that Tether moved $3million of USDT from Ethereum to OMG Network. OMG rallied to $6.41 at the time.
In December, Genesis Block Ventures announced acquisition of the project, causing OMG to close at $3.66, up from opening at $1.

OMG price in 2021

omg price history
Source: CoinMarketCap

The token started to catch up with the rally of Bitcoin as 2021 began. First, it reached $8 in February, then exceeded $11 in April and kept going.
In May, the previous yearly high of $15.32 was reached, at the time when OMGX testnet, an improved version of OMG Network, was announced.
However, the market-wide pullback caused OMG to depreciate down to $3.18 in July. It was not until more news about OMGX, now rebranded as Boba Network, and an airdrop announcement that OMG rallied to a YTD high of $17.59.
At the moment of writing, a single OMG token is worth $15.93. OMG Network token ranks 58th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $2,236,050,267.

What influences the OMG Price?


The value of OMG Network in the eyes of investors lies in its applications. Ethereum already proved itself as a trustworthy decentralized platform for apps and smart contract-powered projects.
The launch of Tether USD (USDT) on OMG Network caused a significant increase in price of OMG. OMG Network is a fitting solution to make the usage of USDT less expensive and less prone to be influenced by network congestion.

Technical Updates

The core contributor to the OMG Network, Enya, has rebranded the OMGX solution to Boba Network. This is a second-layer scaling protocol based on Optimistic, the main feature of which is fast transfers to the Ethereum mainnet.
Boba Network is not a competitor to the OMG Network but the opposite. The teams announced that the BOBA token will be distributed to OMG holders in an airdrop, which accelerated the rally.
Since OMG and Boba Network use different solutions, both OMG and BOBA tokens will coexist.

Parent Company Advancements

In December 2020, OMG Network was acquired by Genesis Block Ventures. The new parent company scored a few strategic partnerships, such as with Enya, an AI development startup.
The collaboration is already bearing fruit with Boba Network on the horizon.
More recently, OMG Network changed its name to OMG Foundation. In the future, OMG will be used for governance as well.

Twitter posts on OMG

Babenski group remarks on the progress OMG price made from the lows earlier this year. If the cup and handle pattern is confirmed, OMG can even aim for the ATH.

Twitter user Young Satoshi predicts that this is not the end of the OMG rally. If so, it can get even closer to its current ATH.

VNDC Wallet reports on the OMG Network performance: BOBA airdrop caused it to gain 88.14% this week alone.

OMG Price Prediction 2021

Previsioni Bitcoin OMG coin Price Prediction 2021: $44.72

A media outlet Previsioni Bitcoin gives a bullish OMG forecast for 2021. They claim that OMG is on a bullish track and will appreciate by the year’s close.
By December, the price of a single OMG coin is predicted to be $44.72.

Gov.Capital OMG Network Price Prediction 2021: $17.421’s algorithm evaluates OMG Network token as a good but risky short-term investment. By the end of 2021, OMG token might rally further to $17.421.

DigitalCoinPrice OMG Price Prediction 2021: $27.23

In 2021, OMG token will close the year with 65.72% change to the upside to the current price. The DigitalCoinPrice’s prediction projects that by December it will reach $27.23.

OMG Price Prediction 2022–2024

TradingBeasts OMG Price Prediction 2022: $13.912

TradingBeasts analytics predict that in a year, the price will see a correction. In 2022, OMG will be worth even less than it is now: the minimal price at the start of the year will amount to $11.468.
Maximum expected OMG price in the forecast will happen closer to the end of the year, $17.463. In a year, on average OMG will be trading for around $13.912. OMG Forecast 2023: $67.056

It is predicted that on average OMG will be trading at about $67.056 in two years. A projected maximum in 2023 is $85.0632 but it can also dip as low as $34.1513.

DigitalCoinPrice OMG Prediction 2024: $43.01

In 2024, DigitalCoinPrice predicts that OMG will hit $48.63 and dip to $35.69 at the lowest. On average, the uptrend will still be prevailing, albeit with periods of volatility.

OMG Price Prediction 2025

Cryptoground: $41.06

omg price prediction 2025
Another algorithmically produced OMG forecast by CryptoGround projects growth for OMG token price over several years. By 2025, according to this prediction, each token will yield profit and will be worth $41.0584.

WalletInvestor: $38.702

Famously bearish on most altcoins, WalletInvestor forecast provider is surprisingly bullish on OMG. In 4 years from now, they predict a 114.3% increase in all OMG holdings.
Their forecast for 2025 is $38.702 at maximum.

Captain Altcoin: $15–150 or zero

Crypto analyst Philipp Traugott is sceptical about OMG Network’s future: in five years it may not even be relevant anymore. But if that is not the case, its price will be on a par with the whole market and go from $15 to $150.

OMG Price prediction 2030

The web portal suggests the following prediction for the year 2030. The OMG tokens will be traded for $397.81 to $412.24 by the end of the decade.
As a reason for this, they cite Vitalik Buterin endorsing the technology behind OMG Network, as well as the growing list of partners and integrations.

How to buy OMG with ChangeHero

If you are convinced that you would like to invest in OMG Network, and are now looking for ways to buy OMG, ChangeHero can help you with that! You can buy OMG with any other cryptocurrency from the list of supported coins:

  1. Choose your currency pair and provide an exchange amount. Pick a Best or Fixed rate;
  2. Next, provide an OMG wallet address and a refund address just in case. Double-check all the details in the transaction and make sure to read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Finally, send in a single transaction the exact sum you will be exchanging to the address generated by ChangeHero.

From there on, we will be taking care of the swap. A few minutes later the OMG tokens will be on the way to your wallet! And if you need help, you can reach our support 24/7 on the website, by email: [email protected] or in the official Telegram group.

Bottom Line

The collaboration of Boba Network and OMG Foundation is something old and new supporters can look forward to. Both BOBA and OMG can interact for short- and long-term value for both networks.
How to stay tuned to regular updates and educational content from our team? Keep an eye on our blog or follow us: we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”Is OMG a good investment in 2021?” answer-0=”With the current state of Ethereum, layer-two solutions are in a very high demand. With that in mind, most analysts agree that OMG is a solid investment.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What is OMG coin used for?” answer-1=”OMG has a variety of use cases like quicker and cheaper transactions on Ethereum and Reddit community points engine (ERC-20 tokens awarded to users for activity).” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”What will OMG be worth in 2030?” answer-2=”Estimates given for OMG in 2030 aim for the range of $397.81 to $412.24. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”What will the OMG be worth in 2022?” answer-3=”Estimates given for OMG in 2025 aim for $15 to $150.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”What will the OMG be worth in 2025?” answer-4=”OMG has a variety of use cases like quicker and cheaper transactions on Ethereum and Reddit community points engine (ERC-20 tokens awarded to users for activity).” image-4=”” headline-5=”h4″ question-5=”Can OMG reach $100?” answer-5=”Most predictions don’t see OMG reaching $100 anytime soon. The earliest time it could occur is in 2025.” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]


This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investitions in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

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